The beautiful bike
with one goal

keep you safe

You wouldn't drive a car without airbags. You shouldn't ride a bike without an impact-resistant carbon fibre frame, automatic lights, and light-up handlebar navigation.

This is your life. A helmet alone isn't enough.


Over 1,000,000 miles ridden

A truly smart bike

Keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the road. Our handlebar lights will guide you effortlessly. Valour's built-in GPS readjusts in real-time.

Choose a direction then look at the handlebar lights.

A $2000 Bike with $5000 of Premium Materials

The product of Vanhawks' fully integrated supply chain

Test ride Vanhawks in your city.

We'll bring a bike to your home or office so you can test ride it. How cool is that? It's free. We'll reach out in 1 day:

Thank you! We'll send you info about the nearest store in San Francisco stocking the Valour.
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Fitness metrics

Smart routes

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Built-in Peace of Mind

Roads are dangerous. A helmet is only a first step. A bike that helps keep you safe is the next critical step. Invest in a bike that prioritizes impact-resistant materials and meaningful safety features.