Best Android Apps to Watch Live Sports for Free in 2023

by Victor C.

Best Android Apps to Watch Live Sports for Free in 2023 - It is safe to say that everyone knows about movie and anime streaming apps. However, not everyone knows that streaming apps dedicated to only live sports exist. The fun part is that they not only exist, but they are also very well available for free download.

Why a Need for Free Best Android Apps to Watch Live Sports in 2023?

These apps would prove to be really helpful on days when your favorite team is playing but you can’t access a TV. So, what do you do then? Sulk about being unable to watch your team in action? No, that shouldn’t be the case. Not when there are a good number of apps that offer live streaming of sports. From football to tennis to golf to badminton, the list is countless. All you have to do now is to whip out your phone and stream live.

Though there are many of these streaming apps, it is sad to note that some are quite illegal. These illegal sports streaming apps could infect your device with a virus. Some are even known to request for unnecessary permissions. Not to worry, the apps in this article are all legal and would give you the greatest satisfaction.

Free List of Best Apps for Android to Watch Live Sports in 2023

Free List of Best Apps for Android to Watch Live Sports in 2023
Free List of Best Apps for Android to Watch Live Sports in 2023

Below is a list of the best and free Android apps for you to watch live sports on. Once you download them, be sure to enable unknown sources on your device via settings. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources. Check the box or toggle the switch to enable download from unknown sources. Now, let’s get right to it

1. Live NetTV - App Link

Live NetTV
Live NetTV

This app has to be one of the most downloaded ones out there. There is no live sport showing on any part of the world that you can’t stream on this app. It has over 700 channels for you to choose from. Though it is a live sports TV, it is not limited to sports alone. You can get your dose of movies and TV shows on the Net TV app. The channels available on it are from various counties. From the US to the UK, to India and a host of others.


· Every video is available for download at no cost at all

· It has a clean and easy to navigate interface

· The app supports many external video players

· Streaming is of a high-quality

· Movies are available on demand too

· The app is available for download on the official Live Net TV website

Download Live NetTV here

2. Sony LIV - App Link

Sony LIV
Sony LIV

This app is specially made for all things sports. Football, races, rugby, and martial arts are some of the sports you can stream on this app. Though it is for Indians, if you aren’t in India, you can still access it if you want to. All you have to do is make use of a VPN app. Just like the previous app, streaming on Sony LIV is absolutely free.


· The app is available for download on the Google Play Store

· You don’t need a subscription to view any of the programs on the app

Download Sony LIV here

3. Show Sport TV - App Link

Show Sport TV
Show Sport TV

With this app, you are sure to enjoy all your games wherever you are. Not only is there an app, but there is also a website where you can stream movies from. The app is, of course, a more favorable option as it has a smooth interface. That aside, streaming on the website comes with ads. On the app, though, there are no ads to affect your viewing experience. The app is home to many top channels. It has the WWE network, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, Star sports amongst many others.


· Streamed videos are of HD quality

· Comes with an inbuilt video player

· It has a chat feature where users can post comments and views about the game being streamed

· You don’t need to create an account before you can access its content

· You won’t have to set reminders because you don’t want to miss a match. The app has push notifications that would let you know about an upcoming game

Download Show Sport TV here

4. Swift Streamz - App Link

Swift Streamz
Swift Streamz

The live TV channels on this app are from various countries. There are those from Australia, UK, US, Asian and African countries. Streaming live sports on the go just got easier with Swift Streamz.


· You don’t need to register or create an account to be able to use the app

· You can stream all live sports with various video players

· Requires no form of subscription

Download Swift Streamz here

5. Mobdro Sports TV - App Link

Mobdro Sports TV
Mobdro Sports TV

While there are other entertaining contents on this app, it is the go-to app for many sports lovers. Mobdro is arguably the most popular one out there. You can even download TV shows if you want to. It is safe to say the app can easily replace your television.


· You don’t need to create an account to be able to access the content on this app

· Lots of sports channels for you to choose from

· Its interface is easy to use and navigate

Download Mobdro Sports TV here

6. Sports Angel

We’re not sure what motivated the ‘Angel’ in the name of this app but the name suits it perfectly. The app will cater to all your sports streaming needs. Be it basketball or football or racing, Sports Angel’s got you. As the app is 100% free, it’s not surprising that it comes with ads.


· You can download the app on Android TV for days when you want to watch on the big screen.

· You can choose the video resolution you’d like to work with. Streaming is also done in HD.

· Navigating the app’s interface is very easy

· Some of the channels available on it include Sky Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN and so on.

· You don’t have to create an account to gain access to its rich content

Download Sports Angel here

7. Genius Stream | Live Sports Streaming

Stream live sports from the UK, US, amongst many others with this live TV app. The content on the app is not limited to sports alone. If you want, you may stream movies as well as TV shows. There is a wide array of channels to choose from.


· The app has a simple and easy to navigate interface.

· You don’t need to sign up for an account to be able to access its content

· Viewing can be done with various kinds of video players

· Requires no form of subscription

· Viewing is available in HD quality

Download Genius Stream here

8. 365Scores - App Link


This app claims to have served more than 40 million sports fans from across the world. It is no hype seeing as it is very functional and loaded with all things sports. There’s volleyball, rugby, soccer, tennis and lots more. Users can even choose to customize their own channels. The app hosts more than 2000 sports competitions so you are sure to stay hooked. As it is exclusive to all things sports, it stands out from other apps on the list so far.


· The app gives live match notifications

· Also comes with a live match tracker. This way, you’re updated even when you are really engaged in activities like driving

· Has a live TV guide

· Content from 10 different types of sports

Download the app from Google Play Store here

9. FlashScore - App Link


What FlashScore does is it makes staying in touch with everything you love about sports easy. The app is home to about 30 different sports as well as over 5000 competitions from across the world. It has sports that you most likely won’t find on other live streaming apps. There are beach volleyball, hockey, badminton, snooker, and many others. It also has a web version where you can get information related to sports.


· Delivers notifications with speed and accuracy

· You can select your favorite matches and competitions

· If you switch between devices, staying in sync across all devices is very easy

· Has a live commentary feature so when you can’t watch, you can read

· Users can get to know the line-up for matches before they begin.

· Though the content on the app is comprehensive, it is very easy to use and navigate

Download FlashScore here

10. La Liga TV - App Link

La Liga TV
La Liga TV

The La Liga league is pretty popular and so is its app. It is also one of the few apps that shows women’s football. As expected, it provides all updates and news related to the La Liga league. There is the web version and, of course, the app. The app is available for download on the Google Play Store


· With the La Liga fantasy, users get to manage their own clubs

· The app is available for free download

· Users can add preferred videos to their playlist for later viewing

· The app has an easy to use and easy to navigate interface

Download La Liga TV here

Conclusion of Watching Live Sports Apps for Android in 2023

The nightmare of almost every sports lover is being stuck in traffic when their favorite team has a game. It also sucks when you have to miss a game because you are in transit and have no access to a TV. However, all that is in the past now. There is really no reason why you should miss your favorite team’s match anymore. Not when your phone is with you. You don’t have to spend a dime. All you have to do now is download any of the apps above and get right to it. Watching live sports right from the comfort of your Android device just got easier!

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