15 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

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by Victor C.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023 - Doesn’t have TV doesn’t mean that you cannot watch your favorite sports program as now there are some best free sports streaming sites 2023 which can help you enjoy watching sports. Although free live streaming sports sites are little bit harder to find, but they exist.

Now that most televisions provide accessible live sports streaming, you can be able to watch any live sports right from your mobile devices anywhere anytime. There are several major sites such as ESPN and Facebook Watch where you can get free access to free sport streaming. Some other sites require log in and some others offer subscription. Most of the free sports streaming sites have no official streams to offer, therefore, their quality tends to be lower.

To find out more about the best free sports streaming sites 2023, you may simply refer to these following reviews.

Which are the Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023 ?

1. Sports Streaming with ESPN - App Link

Sports Streaming with ESPN
Sports Streaming with ESPN

Named by ESPN.com, this site offers several free sports live streams. It provides some free sports which are free to watch. Those are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis. MMA, esports, college sports NASCAR and many others. However, not all of the streams given by ESPN.com are free. Others streams require a valid login from the satellite subscription.

As one of the biggest names in cable sports, ESPN becomes popular for its website features containing live streaming videos so that you can watch all of the major sports by opening this site. In addition, when there are big events from the major sports you love such as world cup, you can enjoy streaming it rightly from your smart phone as long as you have installed the application and activate the internet connection.


  • Major sports including basketball, football, tennis, baseball, golf and etc. can be freely watched by streaming in ESPN.com. One of these sports must be the favorite sport of the people around the world. If you want to live streaming your favorite sport which is categorized as major sports, ESPN is the best site to open.
  • It best offers streaming videos so that you can enjoy not only the sports match but also some videos recording related to the sports events.


Why most people dislike ESPN is because of the following reasons:

  • You can’t find every game of every sport on ESPN.com. ESPN provides only the games streams that belong to their authority. When they have no right to, then they will not. Some certain games are locked by the paywall so that you can’t access them freely.
  • You will be able to watch the games by live streaming only if you have a valid cable or satellite television provider to log in. Other way, you can sign up for ESPN’s streaming service. This really means that finding free sports game streaming on ESPN is a bit harder.

2. Streaming with Facebook Watch - App Link

Facebook Watch
Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is a kind of Facebook standing in on the market of video streaming. Facebook Watch comes from the giant social media which is managed to derive the rights to provide best free sports streaming sites 2023. Only by having Facebook account, you will be able to watch MLB games per week along the regular season. In addition, all of the Facebook users are capable of using the service to stream live sports around the world.

Some sports you can watch freely by live streaming are One MLB game per week, football, woman’s basketball, surfing, and other virtual sports. Although Facebook Watch provides a limited number of sports stream, the service of stream live sports are out there on Facebook.

Facebook Watch Pros

  • Facebook Watch enables the Facebook users to live sport streaming freely in a manageable way. So that, it will be easier for the users to access the site.
  • By the Facebook Watch, you can find a huge variety of live sports streams by navigating to Facebook.com/watch, log in to Facebook account, search the videos, and type the sports that you want to, press enter and click See All Live. Finally, just click Live below the source spot. This way is the simple way to watch the sports.

Facebook Watch Cons

  • Since Facebook users provide all of the streams, you may find lower quality and misleading stream at the time you watch. Nothing comes without a consequence.

3. Sports with Laola1 - App Link


Laola1 is one of the best free sports streaming sites 2023 coming from Austrian. It enables the overseas users to watch fee live sports. Although the base is in Austria, it is always possible for users around the world to access the site for live sports streams as it offers international English version. This is a very good idea since English is the top international language used for communication around the world. Moreover, Laola1 is not a region site so that users coming from different country are able to watch the sports streams. For instance, if you are a Canadian and you want to watch ASEAN Games sports, you can access this site and be able to watch the sports streams as you expect. As simple as that. What a big benefit, right?

Laola1 provides international sport to watch by live streaming. It offers you international matches such as football streams around the world, international volleyball matches as well as good spot about table tennis. This is the service that you can’t find in another sport site. The sports you can watch by live streaming freely are football, basketball, volleyball, motorsports, table tennis, golf, hockey and many other major sports.

Laola1 Pros

  • The international sports matches which are available on this site to access around the world become the one reason why most people keep staying. Loala1 serves you not only free sports streaming but also international watches.
  • As long as you master although a little of English language, you will be able to enjoy watching international sports shows provided by Loala1.

Laola1 Cons

  • Considering the tons of international sports streaming offered, Loala1 tends to have lower access quality so that you must be patience to wait your favorite sports loading.
  • If you don’t master English at all, it will be a little harder for you to understand the overall matches.

4. Reddit - App Link


Reddit is one of the best sites to look for unofficial sports streams when you can’t find a live sport stream from the official sources. Reddit is very interesting since it enables you to create communities about specific sport you are very keen on. The communities are widely known as subreddits.

In this way, reddit doesn’t provide live sports streams, however, the users are able to post sports links to get streaming through the links of other sites. Reddit allows you to include the links in the relevant subreddits so that they will be able to give votes about the good streams as well as the bad streams.

Some sports that you can watch by click the links on this site are mostly profession sports such as baseball, football, basketball, hockey and etc.

Reddit Pros

  • You can create the communities based on your favorite sports and build them with the strong relationship among the members by which you will be able to share the links of best free sports streaming sites 2023.
  • When you are having trouble in finding the sport streams from the sport officials, you can directly come to this site to get the links.
  • There might be a mixture of invasive and misleading ads, therefore, it is suggested that you use an ad blocker when you are attempting to visit unknown site. Just be careful before you click on something in Reddit.

5. Stream2Watch - App Link


As one of the best free sports streaming sites 2023, Stream2Watch offers live sports streaming site coming along with streams from other sites. Like Reddit, it embeds streams from other external sources which you might have a chance to invasive and misleading ads. Setting up a good ads blocker is a good idea to keep safe although some ads still appears on some videos. All you can do as the solution is trying to close every ad and hit back soon on your browser if you are directed to another page.

Stream2Watch provides you some sports to watch free live streaming including football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, rugby and many others. You will also be provided by the game you are searching.

Stream2Watch Pros

  • The ability of Stream2Watch to expand live sports streams from other sources is the plus point that most people are looking for. It allows you to search more and more sports streaming even when you can’t find the sports you like but you are still be able to find it through the embedded streams.
  • Streams2Watch offers you the best major sports to watch which means that the most-wanted sports are available and can be found easily here.

Stream2Watch Cons

  • The misleading pop up ads might be a problem for you when you are running on watching the videos if you do not set up the ads blocker.
  • It would be a little bit harder if you can’t find the live free sport streaming because you need to find other links to direct you to obtain the live sports streams.

6. FromHot - App Link


Another site providing best free sports streaming site 2023 is FromHot. It has tons of live sports streaming like other sites described in the previous page. Like Reddit and Stream2 Watch, this type of site also gathers live sports streaming videos through the links of other live sports streaming sites.

There will be additional video sources appear to provide you with the other links options when you have such blank game. The game doesn’t play but there is a link that directs you to another link off the match. FromHot provides some professional sports to watch which includes football, tennis, hockey, golf, cycling, baseball, basketball and so on.

Fromhot Pros

  • Most people like this site due to the fact that it supports expansion toward the free live sport streams available. It allows you to look for your favorite game to watch.
  • Some major and professional sports are ready to watch including those with a big name such as basketball and football.

Fromhot Cons

  • The invasive pop up ads may appear many times although you have installed an ad blocker. This is somehow a big restriction for you during streaming time.

7. Booscast - App Link


Boostcast comes with pretty good coverage although it provides a variety of live sport streams supported by gathering other live sports streams from other sources. This helps you to find more streams you are searching. In other world, you will be directed to the sites you are looking for when you can’t find the live sport streams on Boostcast. You can watch some sports on Boostcast by free sports streaming especially on baseball, football, volley ball, basketball, and other major international sports.

Booscast Pros

  • This site can be one of the choices to find more best free sports streaming sites 2023 due to its expanding streams.

Booscast Cons

  • It is bad to hear that you are required to install Flash to watch anything. It means you must have a Flash application and use it to run on the site. If you do not intend to install it, then Booscats may be the last option of site you can take.

8. Cricfree - App Link


The last but not least of best free sports streaming sites 2023 is Crickfree. It is best described as a site which is specialized in cricket. However, it provides streams about other sports like baseball, football, and soccer. The extended videos are hosted elsewhere which means you have to be ready for the misleading pop up ads.

Cricfree Pros

  • For cricket lovers, this site is like a heaven. Specialized to provide cricket live streaming, it has certainly tons of cricket videos you can search ad find.

Cricfree Cons

  • The misleading pop up ads is really a problem since it causes discomfort during the live streaming. Although you have installed an ad blocker, it doesn’t help much.

Best live sports streaming sites to watch free online matches

9. BossCast.net - App Link


10. StreamSports.ws - App Link


11. SportRar.tv - App Link


Top LIVE Sports Streaming Sites 2023

Top LIVE Sports Streaming Sites 2023
Top LIVE Sports Streaming Sites 2023
  1. tensports.com/live
  2. LiveTV.sx
  3. stream2watch.eu
  4. FirstRowSports – gofirstrow.eu
  5. sportlemon.net
  6. Laola1.tv
  7. All Sport Live- allsport-live.net/eng
  8. Streamwoop.tv
  9. VIPbox.tv
  10. Feed2All-nowfeed2all.eu
  11. FootyFire.com
  12. cbssports.com
  13. AllSport-Live.net
  14. bleacherreport.com
  15. StarSports.com
  16. foxsports.com

Conclusion Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2023

Out of the 8 best free sports streaming sites 2023, there must be one that you prefer to sit with when you are willing to watch live sport streaming way. Hopefully, this page will be useful to provide you with valuable information about sites you are looking for.

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