Best Roommate Finder Online through Sites or Apps in 2023

by Victor C.

For several Americans, today, especially the young adults, purchasing a home might be a heavyweight to bear.

Why a Need for a Good Roommate Finder Online in 2023?

More so, research has it that the amount of renters recorded is on the high side. Plus, renting a house or an apartment, therefore, calls for having a roommate all in a bid to cut down expenses. However, the likelihood of getting a terror in the form of a roommate is quite ok to make people have cold feet. Trash around the house, plates piled up in the kitchen for days, rents left uncleared, unbearable clubs and parties every weekend, and unruly behavior are some of the horrible scenarios that come to mind when on the lookout for a roommate.

To be honest, getting a charming roommate can be frustrating work, and besides, how much of the little time can you spare for the cause? It is time and energy-consuming and even frustrating when taking it street-to-street or house to house.

What if you're coming in from another area or city, and you do not know a single soul in your new area? Will you still go house to house and street to street? No, I guess not! So why wait offline when you can go digital and do your search online?

Now, the question you should be asking is- how am I going to find the best version of the roommate I want online? Keep calm; we are here for you. We've got all that covered in our article today. Take a seat on the comfortable chair as we do the job for you.

A piece of advice for you before we step on the gas. Relax and open up your mind with your eyes widely open for harsh signals and fraudsters. With all these being said and done, we're hoping you'd eventually meet that person(s) to live with harmoniously.

Summary of Best Roommate Finder Online Sites in 2023

Roommate Finder




Free to use



Free to use

U.S and Canada


Free profile creation

$19.95 (one year)

U.S and Canada


Free account creation

3 day trial- $5.95

2 weeks- $14.95

4 weeks- $29.95


Circle for Roommates


NYC and L.A


Free account

3 days trial- $2.99

10 days- $9.99

U.S, India and Canada

Best Roommate Finder on the internet

Craiglist - Roommate Finder Site


To begin with, as expected, Craiglist opens the floor. The moment we're talking about getting yourself a roommate, this particular site is awkward to place at the end of the line. One thing is paramount when it comes to making use of this platform to discover your preferred roommate. You have to put a substantial degree of effort in doing the job well. Perseverance says it all!

Furthermore, it is not archaic or an old-style suggestion to have a one on one discussion with your likely roommate before putting your pen to paper. Also, it's not a bad idea if you decide to go with a friend of yours. A lot of things can happen. The possible outcome of the discussion is open to many probabilities. A good number of people pose themselves as worthy roommates but turn out to be fraudsters. So, you should take precautionary measures.

Craig list is a big platform with a vast array of users. Be careful not to transfer any money to anybody if you doubt the person's authenticity.

Fresh legs in the game say hi! Put it at the back of your mind to go for insurance(renter's insurance to be precise). It saves you from undue stress and panicking in a situation whereby your belongings are destroyed or snatched.

PadMapper - Roommate Finder Site


The first thing to note, this site doesn't follow specificity in terms of a roommate. Still, with PadMapper, you get to see available or vacant rooms, apartments, or flats up for rent in a locality. Plus, the ones from several persons who are in search of people to occupy empty places.

One thing is, you're more likely to view lots of available spaces than those posting the request. Why? This is because the website is configured to receive compiled listings from several channels like Apartment Search and many others. This great site covers lots of places both in Canada and the United States.

RoomieMatch - Roommate Finder Site


Taking the number three spot on the list is RoomieMatch. This site focuses more on assisting people to thoroughly examine requests and messages to discover other right and suitable roommate finders. You might be wondering, how does the integrated or automated system do this? Well, it might interest you to know that any robot or embedded system doesn't do it. The site owners and other managerial offices employ the services of physical beings(people) to supervise the whole process. Thereby having the right to take out anything that's out of order or a fraudulent act.

Like dating sites matchmake two people, RoomieMatch does something similar. You get matches straight into your inbox from yours truly, RoomieMatch. Note, everything is entirely based on specifications. Breaking news, RoomieMatch is of service to metropolitan regions both in Canada and the United States.

In terms of cost, profile creation is free. The created profile will only grant you an avenue in which others can shoot you a message. But, if your main point of concern is getting a roommate using the system, you'll have to drop some cash, approximately $20 for three hundred and sixty-five days.

Roomster - Roommate Finder Site


This is not just an in-house or state roommate finder. It's all over the globe. Its got a lot of listings in both significant places and suburbs. With Roomster, you can put in for a roommate, a space or room up for rent, or even someone to lodge in cases where you have space.

One good thing you stand to enjoy is social media connection. This is it! The lists are usually connected to different social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook, and others. It's of immense assistance for users to do thorough research and background checks on the potential roommates before the arrangement of any talk. You would have equipped yourself with handy info before then.

Looking at the cost, you can get a 72hours trial version for just $5.95. If you want to go further, there are other packages like 14 days for $14.95 and a month for $29.95. However, you can open an account free of charge, send out queries with pictures attached, and get a response from users with premium packages. But to duly employ the services of the well-grounded structure, getting a subscription is inevitable.

Circle for Roommates - Roommate Finder Site

Circle for Roommates
Circle for Roommates

New Yorkers and fellows in L.A, are you there? This site is committed to New York City and Los Angeles. So pay close attention! On this platform, you can quickly check out people's profile list. From there, you can decide to call it off or proceed with your plans. Each user's profile consists of basic things like:

1. Photos

2. Tags

3.Write-up(short) and so on.

With all these in one mix, you can easily depict if a user is your type or simply move away. Plus, the application gives you the privilege of seeing people you know or a friend's friend who is also on the lookout for a roommate on the platform. Good news, it comes with no service charge.

Roomi - Roommate Finder Site


Roomi incorporates some of the features of dating sites. Just recently, it got the rights to Symbi, a roommate finding platform online. With Roomi, browsing through profiles and listings becomes relatively easy as you can say yes or no at that instant.

Every poster has the chance to validate identity and finish up thorough research to prove authenticity. To ensure no bridge in privacy, messaging only is allowed-no interchanging of emails or anything of the sort.

At the moment, the available areas covered are notable cities in the United States plus a couple of regions in India and Canada. So that you know, it is a free platform. However, to help your presence on the site and up your chances of getting what you need quickly, payment is required.

Reddit - Roommate Finder Site


The foundational stones of Reddit were laid on the 23rd day of June 2005. That is, fifteen years ago, by the trio:

1. Steve Huffman

2. Aaron Swartz

3. Alexis Ohanian

In 2019, Reddit sat comfortably as number 5 on the list of most accessed sites in the United States. That's not all! It took the thirteenth position in the world in terms of most visited websites. All statistics are drawn from Alexa internet.

Having close similarities with the first on the list, Reddit is a somewhat free platform when it comes to postings on finding a roommate. Honestly speaking, you can get a befitting roommate right on this platform if you understand it well.

To learn more on how to use Reddit, check out this video:

Ok, to help you better, go through here to begin. You may find the listings not adequately arranged to your taste. So get ready for research proper. To be direct, go straight to the search box and input the query-roommates plus your location. Take note, many regions already established subreddits for finding a roommate in an area. The searching method may be quite odd and far from the usual way. However, it doesn't rule out the fact that you can still get yourself a good roommate on the platform.


The above-mentioned roommate finders should be explored based on preferences for you to get the best out of them. Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment section. We love it!

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