Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music

without WiFi or Data connection

by Victor C.

Gone are the days when you have to spend quality time fixing songs of interest into all your mobile devices, Androids in particular.

Why a Need for Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music without WiFi or Data connection in 2023?

Just so you can get a hold of them during the course of the week. I'm sure, by now, you are conversant with streaming music online. So, with this, you get a never ending list of songs or tracks from all the musicians you have interest in. All around the globe. With this option-streaming music online. You actually have the right to select whichever song or music you desire in a blink. Is it from the latest jams or releases or the old songs? Anyone you choose, you're in control here.

However, do you know that because something works fine or is good doesn't mean it can't be improved, or there are no better ways? It interests me to let you all know that you can use some mobile applications that gives you more options. In fact, suitable options. So, you can also listen online using these websites. But, it goes a bit further. You are also free to get your preferred music or tracks saved for offline benefits. Isn't that amazing?

I'm sure you can relate with those kinds of horrible experiences when you spend quality time and cellular data just to get a game downloaded. It could be about 200mb in size. But, to your utter dismay, you find out that you have to be online to enjoy what the game has to offer. I'm sure you wouldn't find this palatable if it happens with your mobile applications for music.

Truly speaking, we have some mobile applications that demand you to be connected to the internet so as to stream o or download mp3 music, even podcast messages. Yet, it still sounds more convenient and cost effective for you to be able to get your desired music. Listen wherever you find yourself wihout having any cause to put on your cellular data or Wifi.

As you all know that our one and only priority is to see that you're happy. Plus, you, becoming a better version of you. So, we had to go on an ultimate search for the most reliable and suitable mobile applications for offline music. With which you can easily get your music of interest without having to keep your cellular data and/or Wifi on. We actually went for the commonest and most reliable music applications. To be true, you won't have any cause to be disappointed or whatsoever. All because they are truly worthwhile.

Our intentions and willingness made us gravitate towards some music apps. The finest of them and they come with more packages. Other than the usual streaming features.

We were on the lookout for music apps, free and offline, of course, with the profound ability to get songs played with connections to the internet cut off. Secondary features and/or benefits, such as the song list arrangement and quality of soumd were also duly observed.

Best Offline Music Apps to Listen to Music

Without any further ado, get seated on the easy chair as we take you through topnotch and reliable music apps that do not need Wifi or internet connection.

In no particular order:

Google Play Music - Offline Music App

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

This music app stands as the integrated music app for Android devices. It comes with the Operating System of Androids. All standards and protocols duly observed. It is very much ok. Google Play Music compiles all files relating to music irrespective of their storage location. Be it in the external storage(SD card) or the phone storage.

Speaking on the interface, it is clean and smooth. Thus, enhancing easy navigation. It comes with a blend of two colors. White takes precedence as the background while orange depicts the theme.

It is well arranged as the library is placed in order. With categories such as:

1. Artist

2. Songs

3. Albums

4. Favorite playlist(s)

It also comes with shortcut feature that allows it to be moved to either lock or homescreen or both.

To add more juice to the mix, with google, you get an app literally for managing your music on computers(desktop). It therefore gives you the privilege of uploading songs, about fifty thousand. Afterward, you can readily get these songs via all sorts of devices. As long as you make use of the same account in all the devices. How cool!

You are free to choose streaming whenever you want. Or get the songs to offline mode so you can listen to them without necessarily using internet connection.

Deezer Music Player - Offline Music App

Deezer Music Player
Deezer Music Player

It presents on the go access to whatever music you are interested in, anytime, anyday. With this offline music application, you are free to get your preferred songs. You can even get them for offline purposes. That's not all! Even on this great music app, you have the rare chance of closely marking every of your top musicians. That way, you get first class info about their latest release immediately it gets through to the internet.

You want to make your own list of songs and get them arranged in whatsoever order you deem fit? You're good to go! One feature that can never be sidelined is the innnate ability to get every of your queries in a personalized format. This way, ideas and/or suggestions on songs will be given in accordance to your taste. This music app helps you save your cellular data. Not forgetting, with deezer music application, you stand to get a three major- tracks, list of songs and podcasts.

SoundCloud - Offline Music App


The truth be told, soundcloud is one of the best offline music app you can ever get. It's excellent at its job. Little wonder it's on high demand. It's very much available for getting your songs save and secure. So you can easily fall back to them in offline mode and there are numerous list of songs for your utmost satisfaction.

With all these features, it makes it have an edge over most other applications in the game for Android devices. As if that is all, this amazing app also brings suggestions that tally with your style or taste and also the latest things in the music world.

It presents to its users a ground to make their own song(s). Afterward, send it across to other people. So everyone can listen to the song and send to difderent social media oulets to enhance popularity on the webspace.

Tell me, why won't grassroot musicians fall in love with this one in town music application? It not just provide songs in offline mode. But, creates an open stage to reach more people and step up to limelight. So, if you know any upcoming or grassroot artist, do hint him/her on this great music app.

Spotify - Offline Music App


Every music app with its own class and features. Spotify doesn't just give you the freehand to listen to free music in offline mode, from all around the globe. It goes a little further by letting you have your way to your selected songs on your personal computer too.

Taking a look back at its history, it was created and made available to the general public some years ago, twelve years to be precise. So, without any form of argument, it has been in the game for quite some time now.

Following what was mentioned earlier, the fact something works just ok doesn't mean it cannot ne updated or improved on. This has been the lot of Spotify. Since the time it was designed and made available for use, it has undergone different kinds of improvements which has lead to the light in weight and easy to use application we have at the moment.

It has its own in-built playlist. However, since it's not a straight-jacket, you can as well decide to make yours anyhow you want. Spotify is more or less a triple major, like a triplet codon. Why? This is because, it gives you the free avenue to:

1. Enjoy podcast messages

2. Watch videos

3. Listen to songs of interest

And to top it all, you likewise get to save everything for offline benefits.

One little drawback. Listening to songs in offline mode attracts a fee, fondly called "subscription fee." In the paid version, you get:

1. All ads blocked

2. Topnotch audio

3. Shuffle

Learn more on how to use Spotify in this video:

Not to worry, it has in store all kinds of music. With Spotify, you have free ride to old songs plus the latest releases all in one mix. This music app is way ahead of most other apps in this category in terms of the quality of sound. You'll definitely want more!

Napster - Offline Music App


Taking the last one, but definitely not the least. You have endless list of songs stockpiled for you. One relieving feature is the fact that it allows no ads or whatsoever of the sort. It's really reliable and the sound quality is very much ok. Not forgetting, it offers offline preferences. So you can listen to your favorite songs offline.

To drop the pen, it is true that a lot of our Android devices come with an in-built music player. Candidly speaking, these players are very much ok. But, however, restricted to the normal or default functions. No more, no less! So, to get more features like saving contents for offline benefits without having to make use of cellular data. You need some other music apps which we've spelled out here. So, explore and choose based on your preferences. As usual, we'd be right here, waiting for you to share your experience with us via the comment box.

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