The Curious Case of Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou

by Victor C.

The stars of combat sports jumping the fence to fight a big-name opponent from another discipline is nothing new. We saw the legendary Rocky Balboa cut Thunder Lips down to size in Rocky III, with the hard-hitting fighter beating the charismatic wrestler played by real-life WWF legend Hulk Hogan.

Conor McGregor also moved to boxing when meeting Floyd Mayweather in a bout that captured the imagination of sports fans and fighters worldwide. And there's plenty more to come if you enjoy seeing the weird and wonderful with current world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury set to meet UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

That grudge match will be settled in a boxing ring and under boxing rules as the heavy-handed African mixed martial arts fighter aims to prove his boxing skills are as polished as his wrestling and striking game. Like McGregor v Mayweather, this heavyweight clash has caught the eye of traders working at the top betting sites.

The Curious Case of Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou
The Curious Case of Tyson Fury v Francis Ngannou

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Who wins? Are you with the wrecking ball of boxing or the crude power of the MMA representative in this contest? Keep reading as our sports writers preview the fight and aim to help you find the winner before anyone else.

What we learned from Mayweather v McGregor

Notorious suffered an inside-the-distance defeat to Money Mayweather, although the bout split opinion. Boxing fans called it a waste of time and suggested Floyd carried Connor through the fight before the Irishman's gas tank ran empty, then dispatched in style. The battle ended in round 10, with referee Robert Byrd calling the contest to save the beaten man from further punishment.

UFC lovers and McGregor's most passionate fans argued that although their man didn't land that big knockout punch they had predicted, he did himself justice against a once-in-a-generation fighter in Mayweather. He made his debut against Mayweather and deserves credit for the courage shown, but McGregor was rarely dangerous in a fight that lasted more than ten rounds.

Many pundits expect the Fury v Ngannou contest to follow a similar pattern. The African has some eye-catching knockout wins in the octagon, so his power is undeniable. But getting well-timed and vicious shots off against an opponent with an educated boxing stance, guard, and fitness will be more complex.

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What we learned from Mayweather v McGregor
What we learned from Mayweather v McGregor

Google Images Creative Commons Licenses

Fury v Ngannou info

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury faces the former UFC heavyweight ruler on Saturday, 28th October. The contest will be under professional boxing rules.

Three ringside judges will score the match on the 10-point system. But with two hurtful fighters in the ring, both intent on causing damage, it's unlikely the officials will be needed.

We could see this battle end in the opening rounds, and with Tyson and Ngannou promising a ferocious start, it could be a blink-and-you'll-miss-it affair. Take your seats early and prepare for fireworks when Tyson and Francis go toe-to-toe.

Fury's recent form

Tyson Fury has a 33-0-1 record as a professional boxer and has contested 220 rounds. The 34-year-old is the number one ranked heavyweight on the planet, ahead of Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua.

The only slight blot on his copybook was a 2018 split decision draw with American Deontay Wilder at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That draw looked harsh on Tyson as he appeared clear on the scorecards but was knocked down twice in the late rounds, which helped to level the score.

Fury proved he had the measure of Wilder, beating him convincingly in fights two and three. The Gypsy King stopped the Bronze Bomber in round seven of fight two and round 11 of the final contest. He beat fellow Brit Derek Chisora in round 10 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last time out.

Ngannou's recent form

Ngannou is taking the fight seriously and has been training with former fight-game KO king Iron Mike Tyson. Unlike McGregor when he faced Mayweather, Ngannou has praised his opponent, recognizing the size of the task ahead. The African knows the dangers of facing a world champion boxer under pro boxing rules.

Francis isn't making excuses. He wants the fight and will duck between the ropes for this exhibition in name only. If the Nigerian gets the chance to land his heavy shots, he won't delay. But seeing the opportunity and landing the shots against a fighter of Tyson's caliber is easier said than done.

The knockout artist known in his sport as The Predator has an MMA record of 17 wins against three defeats. A dozen victories have been by KO, with four by submission and just one on points. All three losses have come on points, proving he must get the win early, taking it out of the hands of the judges.


This fight will attract the attention of the sports-loving world. Followers of combat sports will join armchair fans to see who is the best heavyweight on the planet. It's exciting stuff, but one thing will simplify solving the puzzle.

A boxing match involving a world heavyweight champion boxer with over 200 rounds and lots of championship experience against a novice boxer. You can forget Ngannou's form in MMA. Yes, he can hit hard, but can he hit harder than former boxing world champion Wilder? That's highly unlikely. Is Francis the first tall opponent he's faced? Don't bank on it.

The fight in October has Francis walking into the lion's den. He is the master of his craft, but we're not in his art. It's boxing, and if no heavyweight can compete with Fury, it's reasonable to assume a man from another sport trying boxing for the first time won't trouble the Gypsy King.

Traders back Fury

The leading sportsbooks agree with us, making Tyson the red-hot favorite in pre-fight betting. A win for Fury is expected, with a knockout victory the most likely outcome.

Bookies offer big-fight specials, including an early KO, Ngannou to be stopped in round one, and Fury to be knocked down anytime during the bout.

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