Unblur Course Hero Answers, Images, Document or Text for Free

by Victor C.

Need help with your college assignment but cannot find means to do it? We have good news for you. You can get help with several online websites that have experts and tutors ready to give you correct answers to your questions.

Why Getting Course Hero Answers, Images, Document for Free?

Course Hero is one of these websites and to be honest, these online study help websites do have their benefits. Asides helping with school work, many of these websites also let you rent textbooks and even buy textbooks at cheaper prices. Some of these online study help websites even give you access to some textbooks for free. The only drawback of Course Hero and other websites similar to it like Studocu is that many of them require paid subscriptions.

Without subscribing, the resources you have access to will be very limited. For instance, if you don't have a subscription on Course Hero, you would have to view blurry answers. What this essentially means is that you would only see part of the answers. Enough so that you will know the answer is on the website but not enough to make meaning of it.

Why Getting Course Hero Answers, Images, Document for Free?
Why Getting Course Hero Answers, Images, Document for Free?

Course Hero has one of the most expensive subscription plans among all online study help websites. It costs $40 per month to access and get solutions to any question you have on Course Hero. The truth is, not everyone can afford to spend that amount just to find solutions to their college assignments. Although there are also subscription plans as low as $10 they do not offer enough perks to make them worth it. If you are one of the many who cannot risk spending their hard-earned money to purchase premium access on Course Hero, this article is for you.

In terms of the tutoring system and speed of finding answers, Course Hero website operates differently from the other study help websites. In place of the live video tutoring system many websites such as Chegg, PaperHelp employs, Course Hero uses a live Q&A system. What this means is that you have to post your question and wait for one of the tutors online to answer it. Other than its Q&A format, you can also check to see if there are study materials that will help you with your homework.

Why Getting Course Hero Answers, Images, Document for Free?
Why Getting Course Hero Answers, Images, Document for Free?

How to Remove Course Hero Answers, Images, Document or Text for Free

Now, we will talk about the best methods to unblur Course Hero answers and images for free . The methods discussed will also show you how to download course hero images and documents for free.

1. Unblur Course Hero Answers, Images, and Documents on our site

This is by far the easiest method to unblur documents and images on Course Hero. Our site already has a premium active Course Hero subscription and we would gladly help you get answers to all your questions easily. All you have to do is submit all the questions you have in the form provided below along with your email and a token of $4.

NOTE: As much as we want to help, Course Hero subscription is very expensive. That aside, we unlock a lot of answers and documents daily which means we are being charged a lot more than individual Course Hero users. However, the token you pay is just a little percentage of how much having a premium Course Hero account costs and would help us keep unlocking answers for people who need them.

Also, if you need a document that you want to download, you only need to drop the link of the said document in the form below.

For more inquiries on how our service works, you can contact us via any of our social media handles linked to the website.

Lastly, to make things easier, ensure the email address you provide is a valid one as that is the only way we can get your answers or documents to you.

2. Earn Course Hero Free Unlocks

Apart from being expensive, Course Hero has an incredible offer for everyone who owns a Course Hero account. The offer stands irrespective of whether you have or do not have a subscription. This offer is similar to the free trial offer many other Course Hero alternatives have.

Termed CoursHero Free access, this offer does exactly what it implies, it gives you free access to documents and answers for free. This makes this method another fast and easy way to unblur Course Hero answers for free . It is especially useful if you cannot always pay for a monthly subscription as soon as it expires. This offer also makes it easy to test the website and get a grasp of everything the service is about.

Going about it is very easy and straightforward. Log in and register or create an account. On your dashboard, you should see an option that lets you upload documents on to the website.

Now here is the important aspect of this feature. The more documents you upload, the more blurred documents you will be able to view for free. Besides uploading lots of relevant and useful documents, the higher the ratings other Course Hero users give your document, the higher the number of documents you can unlock for free.

The major reason why this is not recommended or listed as our top method to Unblur Course Hero Answers, images, and documents for free is that you cannot just upload any document. Any document you upload on to the website has to be yours. What this means is that you must own the copyright of the material or document you are uploading. Uploading a document you do not own its copyright means you have violated the terms and conditions of the Free Access feature. it also means you have violated the policies in place to follow to use Course Hero. The implication of this is that the document would be taken down and would not help you unlock documents for free. If done multiple times, you might get your account temporarily disabled.

However, if you own the copyrights of the document you upload, you only have to wait a mandatory three days. This is the time required to process the documents. As long as the document you upload is useful, it would be accepted and you would get Free Acess to a blur Course Hero document or image.

Try Course Hero Free Access Now

3. Get Course Hero answers and documents for free on Facebook, Reddit, and Quora

Get CourseHero answers and documents for free on Facebook, Reddit, and Quora
Get CourseHero answers and documents for free on Facebook, Reddit, and Quora

There are two ways to this. You might be lucky and get the answers to the question you have through this method for free. If not, you could still get them for a token i.e. paying a tiny percentage of what a monthly Course Hero subscription costs.

NOTE : The fee you pay majorly depends on the individual who wants to get you the answers you need.

Every online service has their forums and community base on social media platforms. Course Hero is not left out as there are functioning communities on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit. All you have to do is join these communities and try to be as friendly as you possibly can. With luck, you might even find the answer to your question or the document you are looking for without asking anyone for help. But if your question has not yet been discussed in the community posts, you can then go ahead to post it.

The only drawback of this method is time efficiency. This is because there are lots of other activities people carry out on the internet. There is no guarantee you will get an immediate response when you post your questions. What this invariably means is that this method should not be your go-to for answers if you do not have lots of time to spend on the homework.

One way to speed up the process might be to make friends with someone you met in one of the communities that you are 100 percent sure has a CorseHero subscription. That way, you can easily just chat the person up to quickly help you with the answers you need.

NOTE : Of all the methods discussed, this method has the lowest success rate but there is no harm in trying.

Search on Quora | Search on Reddit | Facebook

4. Use Google

When it comes to surfing the web, Google is a search engine we often turn to. Not just because it is one of the most used search engines in the world, but also because of the speed with which it finds millions of search results forever keyword you search. This is why it can be viewed as an alternative to Course Hero to get answers and documents for school work.

Using Google to get answers to college work is easy. You only need to type in the question in your browser and go through the search results Google returns.


There are some other methods available on the web to unblur Course Hero answers and images but we do not advise them as they are very unreliable. Many of these other methods are even illegal and scam.

As a result of this, do not download programs or software that claim to have features that can unblur documents and images on Course Hero.

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