How to Get Legit Walmart Cashback in 2022

Saving money on groceries purchases at top retail stores like Walmart and Amazon has become a lot better in 2022. There are series of amazing websites that offers gift cards as reward when your complete certain tasks. These gift cards are then used to shop at your favorite retail stores while a large percentage of these sites also offers cashback just for using their apps to pay for items.

Why Getting Walmart Cashback in 2022 ?

You must be wondering how you can save money when you shop online?

Guess what… we have a solution for you, if you shop frequently at!

Unlike the old ways of saving money through coupons, the best way to save some extra cash now is to get cashback when you make payments for items at retail stores. Walmart is a popular retail store and arguably one of the best. If you shop frequently on this site, you will need to learn how to get legit Walmart cashback on your purchases.

It is common knowledge that many people have a planned budget for their monthly expenses and a means to save some money from that budget is always a welcome idea. In this guide, we will show you the best ways to get legit Walmart cashback by making use of amazing sites that offers cashback rewards.

Why Getting Walmart Cashback in 2022 ?
Why Getting Walmart Cashback in 2022 ?

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There are several ways you can earn cashback on Walmart purchases but it requires putting in time and effort. Well, you must be wondering if it's actually worth your precious time, so the thought of how much cashback you can get creeps in. That's okay.

As you already know, you can save as high as $50.0 to $100.0 USD from old cashback methods but the year is 2022 and the options to get cashback on your shopping are endless. There are series of sites that offers cashback rewards but we've carefully selected the best ones. They are legit and safe to use.

The Best Ways to Get Legit Cashback at Walmart

Here are the top legit sites that offers Walmart cashback on purchases:

Dosh - Cashback Link

How to Get Legit Walmart Cashback in 2022: Dosh
How to Get Legit Walmart Cashback in 2022: Dosh

This site is first on are list because of its uniqueness. Dosh rewards users with real cash as cashback rewards unlike the usual coupons and points system associated with other sites. Dosh offers one of the best ways to earn cashback on purchases.

Walmart is one of the major retail stores that offers cashback on items people purchase through the Dosh app. To earn on the Dosh app, you will be required to connect your credit or debit card.

Benefits of Dosh :

  • You will get a $5.0 USD reward on referrals.
  • It offers 10% cashback on linked cards used to purchase items.
  • All cashbacks are directly deposited into your Dosh account.

Check out Dosh Review to learn more.

Swagbucks - Cashback Link


This site allows users to earn cashback for shopping online. There are several ways to earn money on this site and a good example is watching videos and taking surveys. The reward earned can then be redeemed as Walmart gift cards.

This Swagbucks app offers one of the best ways to earn Walmart cashback.

Benefits of Swagbucks :

  • Get $5.0 USD as signup bonus when you register.
  • The threshold limit for cash out is as low as $5.0 USD.
  • You can get as high as 12% discount on your Walmart gift cards.

Check of Swagbucks Reviews to learn more.

Rakuten - Cashback Link


Rakuten is one of the best and oldest cashback site available on the internet. You can start saving money on purchases from your favorite store such as Walmart when you use your debit or credit card. One interesting advantage of using this site is due to the fact you can get cashback on online purchases as well as offline purchases from local stores around you.

The app has a wide range of products and services available on the site. Shopping at Walmart site attracts 5.0% cashback every time you use the Rakuten medium. Payments are sent quarterly through mailed check or via PayPal.

Benefits of Rakuten :

  • You will get $10.0 USD as sign up bonus when you register.
  • It offers users $25.0 USD on referrals that you invite to join.
  • It is very flexible due to its mobile app and desktop versions.

Check out Rakuten Review to learn more.

Capital One Walmart Reward Card - Cashback Link

Capital One Walmart Reward Card
Capital One Walmart Reward Card

Walmart customers can enjoy wonderful cashback rates through the use of Capital One reward card. This reward card is designed to get you extra cash on your purchases at Walmart groceries stores and website.

It offers as high as 5.0% cashback reward as introductory offer for the first 12 months purchases with Walmart Pay. It also offers 2.0% cashback on purchases made in person at Walmart stores and gas stations. Cashbacks can be redeemed by purchasing items at Walmart website, booking flights or paying hotel bills.

Benefits of Capital One Walmart Reward Card :

  • It charges $0.0 as annual fee which makes it standout.
  • You will get 1.0% cashback on purchases done with a MasterCard.
  • It offers Statement Credit option for redeeming cashbacks.

Check out Capital One WRC Review to learn more.

Survey Junkie - Cashback Link

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a legit site that rewards users for participating in online surveys. This site is known for paying users to complete paid surveys while they get virtual points as reward. The virtual points earned can then be redeemed as gift cards.

We've included it on our list because you can save money on Walmart purchases by shopping with the gift cards you get as reward from Survey Junkie. You can sign up for free and start earning points by taking surveys. For every 100 points you accumulate, you will get $1.0 USD as equivalent.

Benefits of Survey Junkie :

  • Points earned from surveys can be redeemed as gift cards or via PayPal.
  • Gift cards earned from Survey Junkie can be used to shop at Walmart.
  • Survey Junkie has a very good interactive community that can be helpful.

Check out Survey Junkie Review to learn more.

TopCashback - Cashback Link


This cashback platform is popularly known as the United States most generous cashback site. It has millions of members that enjoy benefits of earning money back when they shop online. There are well over 4,000 retailers you can choose from while shopping online.

You can increase your savings on all shopping at several retail stores such as Walmart. This is a legit way to get Walmart cashback because the gift cards you get as reward can be used to purchase items at any of their stores. It is one of the best sites that offers high cashback rewards on purchases at top retail stores.

Benefits of TopCashback :

  • This site offers no minimum payout threshold.
  • Money earned can be redeemed via PayPal or Gift Cards.
  • Highest cashback is guaranteed when you use the site.

Check out TopCashback Review to learn more.

Honey - Cashback Link


This is another wonderful site that gives people the opportunity to earn Walmart cashback. The site offers series of rewarding coupons to its users and also offers ways to earn gift cards. To get free gift cards, you have to earn points known as "Honey Gold". The honey gold points are earned when you pay for items on the Walmart website. You can earn as high as 3% honey gold rewards on purchases.

All honey gold points earned can be redeemed for Amazon and Walmart gift cards. Creating an account is completely safe and secure. When you do that, you can start enjoying cashback rewards at your favorite retail stores.

Benefits of Honey :

  • 1000 Honey Gold points can be converted to $10.0 USD.
  • Percentage of cashback is quite flexible depending on the retail store.
  • You will get $5.0 USD as referral bonus when you invite friends to join.

Check out Honey Review to learn more.

Ibotta - Cashback Link


You can save a lot of money by getting cashback on all your purchases at top retail stores such as Target and Walmart. Ibotta offers a cashback reward on several items purchased at major retail stores and there's a mobile app available for download on all mobile devices.

Are you shopping for groceries? Or clothing materials? Are you spending on travel expenses? No matter what kind of purchase you are making, you can always get cashback reward when you use Ibotta.

Benefits of Ibotta :

  • It offers $10.0 USD as signup bonus.
  • Get immediate cashback when you shop online with the Ibotta app.
  • Get cashback on purchases made at local stores in less than 24hours.

Check out Ibotta Review to learn more.


Walmart has fast become one of the best retail stores in the United States and just like Amazon, the offers available are quite amazing. If you are a regular shopper on Walmart, getting cashback on all your purchases should be a priority.

We believe the sites listed in this guide will be very helpful in giving you the best means to earn cashback while shopping at or other major retail stores. Ensure you check each and everyone one of them, so you can choose the one that best suits your shopping habits.

You can save a lot of money on monthly purchases you make at Walmart which will give you a level of financial freedom when it involves paying for expenses.

Kindly share your opinion about getting legit Walmart cashback in the comment section and also share the article with your friends and loved ones.

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