How to Live Without a Paying Job

by Victor C.

Living everyday life without a paying job can be very frustrating. At first, the free time you have to yourself knowing you don't have to rush out of your home every morning can be very refreshing. However, reality of how difficult this situation can become sets in when you need to start paying bills.

You can make a good living without having a paid job but it's important to understand the right steps to take. For instance, you need to control your expenses and diversify your income. This will help you survive without a job. In this guide, I will discuss about how to live a good life without a paying job.

How to Live Without a Paying Job

Being unemployed is definitely not the end of the world. You simply need to make the best out of your sorry situation and not dwell on it. Learn how to handle the challenges that comes with being unemployed and set yourself up for happy life.

Learn How to Save Money

Firstly, you have to learn how to save money by reducing the amount of money spent on general expenses. Learning how to save money will help you massively no matter your employment status. Here are good ways to save money;

  • Reduce the amount of money you spend on entertainment.
  • Reduce the amount of money spent on transportation.

Avoid Accumulating Debts

You can easily run into debts if you don't have a stable source of income. So, for someone who is unemployed, you have to be mindful of your spending so as to avoid accumulating debts. Here are ways to avoid running into debts;

  • Learn how to cash ripped or damaged checks.
  • Avoid the constant use of credit cards for transactions.
  • Take minimal loans with low interest rates if you're taking loans.
  • Always plan and trim your budget by cutting down your expenses.
AvoidAccumulating Debts
Avoid Accumulating Debts

Cutting Costs on House Expenses

Housing is very essential for every human but it comes with certain daily and monthly expenses. These expenses are payment for basic amenities provided within the confinement of a house. This includes house rent, electricity bill, internet bill and even water bill. The list goes on and on.

Paying all these housing bills is difficult without a regular paycheck and that can make life a living hell. Therefore, it's important to look for ways to cut down those expenses if you don't have a paying job. Here are simple ways to cut these costs;

  • Living with a Friend or Family :

A major way to avoid paying house bills when you have no job is by living with a friend or family. This will cut off the cost spent on renewing rents. As good as it sounds, it's not reliable as you can get thrown out at the slightest disagreement.

You can become a burden while living with a friend or family but a good way to make them accept you for as long as you need their help is to assist with house chores and even pay for few bills you can afford without them asking.

  • Sharing a Roof with a Friend :

Another way to cut down on house expenses is by sharing a roof with a friend if you're living alone. This means you can both split bills such as monthly rents and other housing bills. It's a good choice as you can cut your expenses into half.

  • Moving to a Cheaper Apartment :

If you have a spouse or children, it will be difficult getting someone that will accommodate you and your nuclear family. A good approach to take if you no longer have a job is to move out of your present apartment and move into a cheaper apartment you can afford while you seek for a new job.

  • Renting Out Part of Your Property :

If you own a big house, you can generate income for yourself by renting out part of the building. This will help you reduce house expenses and also assist you in generating income to pay other bills. It's a very good approach for saving money.

Creating Multiple Streams of Income

You can generate cash flow for yourself without having a job. All you have to do is to constantly look out for money making opportunities around your environment or on the internet. Always seek legit ways to add to your sources of income.

CreatingMultiple Streams of Income
Creating Multiple Streams of Income

There are several ways to create multiple sources of income without having a job.

For instance, it could be getting paid for doing things you love. Passive income generation is a good way to solve your financial struggles. That extra cash will go a long way to help pay your bills. So, here are ways to add to your income source;

  • Shopping on Sites that Pays Cashback on Purchases :

A good way to make extra cash is by getting cashback whenever you spend money. It could be booking a flight ticket, or buying groceries on online stores or booking a hotel for a short trip. Whatever the purchase is, you will find sites that pays people cashback whenever they use their debit or credit card to transact.

Examples of these sites are; Wikibuy, Rakuten, MyPoints , Honey and Dosh .

  • Offer Freelance Service Online :

Income diversification requires a high level of patience and hard work. You must be willing to learn as you won't get rich overnight. One of the best ways to add to your sources of income is by providing freelance services on freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can take courses online in niches such as writing, graphics design, digital marketing or programming. When you master these skills you can start offering freelance service and getting paid in return. However, you will need a good internet connection to be successful with this approach.

  • Start a Side Hustle or Business :

This is by far the best way to make money while you're out of employment. You can build a business as a side hustle such as drop shipping, trading, ecommerce service, bookkeeping, babysitting, assembling furniture, pet care, selling products on Amazon, or getting involved with thrift store flipping. The list is endless.

Having multiple streams of income will help you live a decent life without getting paycheck that comes from 9-to-5 jobs. Ensure you learn and act on this approach.

Cutting Costs on Feeding

Food is very crucial, it is by far the most essential thing in life. You can't survive without eating food. Maybe you will for some days but you definitely won't last long living without food. Food is a basic need and as vital as it is, you can actual cut the costs of money spent on feeding. Ensure you avoid overspending on food.

Cutting costs on feeding doesn't mean you should stop buying food to eat. It's not like a Netflix subscription you can do away with. You still need to eat. So the big question is how to cut costs on feeding. It is simple and straightforward;

Simply grow your own food. As simple as it sounds, it requires hard work.

You should explore the world of agriculture by going into farming. You can start by planting your own vegetables in your garden. You can also go into livestock farming. You will save a lot of money spent of feeding with this good approach.

Using Your Hobby or Talent to Generate Income

UsingYour Hobby or Talent to Generate Income
Using Your Hobby or Talent to Generate Income

A good way to live a fulfilling life is by doing what you love no matter the challenges you face. Unemployment can come with a lot of difficulties but making the most of your time to do the things you love will not only make you feel good; it will also set you up for financial freedom. You can turn your hobby into income.

The internet is a great tool that can be explored from the comfort of your home. Figure out that thing you have passion for and let it generate extra cash for you.

  • You can get paid for watching videos and playing games online.
  • You can get paid for taking and completing surveys online.
  • You can to photos with your photography skills and sell them online.
  • You can paint or draw your imaginations and sell them as artworks.
  • You can offer catering services if you love cooking and get paid in return.

Examples of these sites where you will get paid for taking surveys or watching videos online are; Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Survey Junkie.


A positive attitude towards life situations when you're unemployed is paramount.

It can get a little frustrating but don't lose focus. Make sure you participate in activities that will make you happy and hang around people that appreciates you.

As discussed in the guide, you need to cut down your expenses, avoid debts and learn how to save money. This will ensure you live a stress free life when you're unemployed. You should always value your self-worth and always stay patient.

The lack of a secure source of income can make you depressed but always remember to develop a positive mindset at all times. This will keep you happy.

I hope this guide will help you find solutions to the challenges you face without a paying job. This could be the perfect time to become an entrepreneur.

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