Noom Review - All You Need to Know and What The App Does

by Victor C.

Its time you get fit and sharp. Today, this article will present on how the latest wonder app works. All you need to know with the specs of app. This app has been touted as the best weight loss program app ever. But is this the app for you ?. Is it the miracle changing weight loss app you are searching for ?. Let's find out about what Noom is about and how it works.

What is Noom?

What is Noom?
What is Noom?

Noom is a nutritional advice giving app that is based on maintaining calorie density. It not encourages individuals to eat better, it helps them eat few calories. This is gradually becoming a mainstream app for individuals trying to maintain a good health. It tracks various activity of an individuals while providing workout tips for users. Are you a lover of yoga?, Noom offers various meditation tips to its users. We know there are over a thousand and one apps that promise this same healthier features. Noom basis itself as one of the best in the system. It makes use of latest technology and latest weight loss program you will ever need. Fun fact, Noom was the most sought out and searched app for weight loss.

How Noom Works

Noom works in a fascinating way, and you will love how it works. It takes a humanistic approach to losing weight for users. It deceives your body into building thoughts and having healthier habits. They also promote the best coaches around the world, who give you the best. They help you the user, in achieving your set goals and help you remain accountable.

Before you get started, Noom will ask you various questions to record. Questions based on your weight, health concerns and lifestyle. After answering these few questions truthfully and honestly. You will be assigned with a coach to take over your weight loss regime. You will all be giving eating recommendations to help maintain your weight loss. The app contains other various built-in tools to help users along the way. Tools that help monitor patient's fitness, blood pressure, blood sugar and food. They give fun and short tips, quizzes and reviews to help users. These features are helpful, overwhelming and cumbersome. But with time and persistency, you will adapt to the program.

The Philosophy of Noom's Nutrition

You might wonder what Noom operates. And where they get their nutritional advice for their users. The advice used by Noom is based on the idea of calorie density. This calorie density was widely popularized in the books of Volumetrics. But what is this Low calorie density that we keep hammering on?. Low calorie density refers to foods that we ingest that have very little of few calories for the any amount you eat. That is, it is not affected by the amount of food you take. Noom sections all the food that users might probably eat into 3 categories. These categories includes Red, Green, or Yellow. Red indicating foods that are off limits for you to eat or you should eat in limited number. You will be encouraged to eat more yellow and green foods.

Pros of using Noom App

The app has been Validated Scientifically

One great thing about this app is, it has been scientifically approved. The app has been studied and it has been shown to help it's users. They noticed it has helped people lose weight and maintain the weight. There have been various studies done to rate the efficiency of Noom. It has been found that over 80% of users reported an improved weight loss over a 200days period. Among other studies performed on subject. It was revealed that users also had marked improvement in certain behaviours. The Noom app tracks the overall calorie, activity and weight of an individual. It does this very efficiently. Noom has also been found to be efficient for obese and overweight individuals. Research done proves there was significant weight loss in obese and overweight users. And there was a large improvement in their lifestyle and health.

No Food ? Nope, No Food is a No

Noom doesnt support the NO FOOD policy. It's totally in support of any food you want to eat. Though it might give notifications when you go last the limit. There is a limit of what kind of food you can eat when you use Noom. That is if you want to be strict with the plan. But Noom supports users daily, with encouraging words to spice their day.

Cons of Using Noom app

For every good innovations, there are usually drawbacks to it. These are the drawbacks of Noom, you might want to check. But it doesn't deter how great the app is.

A Flawed Food Categories for Users

We all know how great eating fruits and vegetables can be for the body. But we know the downside of only eating these set of foods. They are not filling, delicious and lack many healthful nutrients. Users on only low calories density food will miss out on a whole lots of healthy foods. These foods provide nutrients that are very helpful to the body. They some have been associated with body weight gain. Thereby nullifying the goal of Noom. Which all along as been losing weight. Noom has to find a way of balancing things up for users.

From research, it has been shown individuals enjoy when low calorie density green foods are served with high calorie density fat foods. They add a needed creaminess and taste that ordinary green foods don't. So Noom putting high calorie density food in the red zone is bad. And users might be restricted from gaining and improving health with Hugh calorie density food.

Mixed Response about Noom

Another drawbacks about Noom has been about the reviews. Many users have had one or two complains Noom. Some have said the coaching has not been consistent and others feel it has been nonexistent. Another major complain is about the category of food. Users have complained of the limited type of food present. And there are issues about the tracking of users progress. This which is very essential to the success of program. This has forced users to cancel programs on the app.

Questionable Coaches

One drawback about Noom is the coaches. They are not trained dieticians who understands the calorie intake of individuals. This program doesn't feel like its made by professional dieticians. Ordinary coaches lack the education a dietician have in abundance. Dieticians will know how to incorporate various medical and lifestyle techniques. Which will help users lose weight and be healthy. Dieticians will find the perfect regimen for you. But coaches might put you on a program that will harm you. Dieticians will help you discover the best way to go about living a perfect healthy life. Based on popular user reviews, users have complained of coaches services. They complain that, coaches were not always available to help and were botlike in nature. Another major complain about coaches, is the price they charge their users.

The app has been criticized for having a poor customer service. Not helpful very much and the coaches are too vague in response. You don't get response as quickly as possible. Which might affect your program along the way.

Dipping Calories

Another major drawback about Noom is the calories level. They ask users to undergo some low calorie diet. This diet might be extremely hard for users to undergo the program. The diet is restrictive and limiting, which might affect the daily activity of the user. Though, if you adapt well to the program, you will be much healthier and lose weight. With low calorie diet intake, it's easier to track your progress. And you can eat more foods as long as you maintain a low calorie program.

In conclusion

The program provided by Noom has been quite helpful to lots of users. If you are someone who loves keeping track of his/her daily activity. Noom is the best app I will recommend for you. It will track all your feeding and weight losing program. Though, not many individuals find the feature of tracking convenient. But with time and perseverance you will adapt to it.

This app is not helpful for people suffering from various eating disorders and bad lifestyle habits. Even with the recurrent emphasis on the aspect of behavioral patterns. But it can help track food and monitor your weight, so you will be a better individual. You might get more from getting lessons from one on one individuals.

Though Noom has lots of great qualities and downsides to go with it. With the number of increasing apps that are similar to Noom. You have to be careful when selecting apps that will work for you. If you finally find one you like, try to read reviews. These reviews will help you in determining which app you should download. Noom is a great app, with the highlighted pros, you will love to enjoy it. If you can look past the cons. Then you are in for a great time. Hope you enjoyed the amazing article about Noom.

Noom is available both on Android and iOS

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