Jobs That Pay Over $20 Per Hour in 2023

with Little Or No Degree Nor Experience

by Victor C.

It may seem so difficult trying to get a job when you have no degree or experience at all. The belief is that only a degree and a good experience in a relevant field could get you the job of your choice. Well, while that is indisputable, there are jobs you can apply for if you don't have basic requirements. In this article, I would be describing 14 Jobs you can do that would pay a minimum wage of $20 per hour.

Some of these jobs are stay-at-home kind of jobs (perfect fit for introverted people or those who for one reason or another have to stay indoors, for instance, due to a medical condition) while others require your physical presence. Nevertheless, you can make a career out of these jobs by getting certifications; this would help such a person earn more as time goes by.

Top 14 Jobs That Pays Over $20/hr in 2023

Check the following jobs below that could land you over $20 every hour of the day.

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

One of the best ways to earn money is through online tutoring. This job allows you to take any subject or course of your choice as long as you are great at it. There are different age groups you can tutor online; they are mostly kids and teenagers.

Popular online tutoring websites like Education First, have basic requirements to be considered; just in case you don't meet up, there are other tutoring websites you will find suitable.

Micro Business Marketing

In business, there is a macro and micro aspect. The former is setting up a big business enterprise with much capital, while the latter requires little capital and has tendencies of expanding to a large enterprise. However, micro-business marketing is a lot more to take in because it requires having a fundamental knowledge of content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and so on. These bits of knowledge would land you jobs with both micro and macro companies. It would basically be advertising on social platforms, such as Google ads and Facebook ads.

Proofreading and Editing

An incredible job you can do from the convenience of your home is proofreading and editing. This job doesn't need any college experience as long as you have gone through all the necessary materials required. For instance, there are proofreading materials you can download on sites like Udemy or take online classes to improve your skills. Once you are certified, you can start taking on jobs. At first, you may be earning close to $20 on every proofreading and editing work, and as time goes by, you receive more.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Being a writer depends on how well you understand the content and write using the right vocabulary. If you think you have the potential or you really do know how to write, freelance writing may just be for you. You can join sites like Fiverr and Upwork to get started on this path. On these platforms, you would find different kinds of clients interested in your services - provide them with it and start making over $100 per job depending on the type.

Website Development

Without reasonable doubt, website development is one of the highest paying jobs today. It takes a lot of effort and creativity to design a website; thus, the pay is relatively high. This means as long as you are creative with prior knowledge on how to create a website, then you don't need to worry about making money. You can sign up on freelance websites to showcase your skills and earn over $20 per hour on every job.

Virtual Assistant

Taking an assistant job is quite impressive, not only because of the pay but also that you get to plan people's schedules. Being a virtual assistant means you get to plan schedule, send emails, and all of that from your home, but it requires you to be online. This job doesn't require an education degree, but a number of years of experience would go a long way, especially if you have been a physical assistant before. On average, you earn $40,000 per year.

House Cleaning

You don't need a formal education to become a house cleaner. What you need is the willingness to work and dedication. There are lots of people interested in hiring a house cleaner; you just need to find them. You can either be a permanent house cleaner or take it as a freelance. Whatever you choose, there is an average of $25,000 per year as salary. Although it requires no education, some people accept a satisfactory number of years of experience and a good level of communication, especially in English Language.

Delivery Driver

Being able to break the barrier between customers and clients is a wonderful thing to do, which is why being a delivery driver is a great job. This job requires your time, but it would give you an opportunity to know different places and still make your money. Sometimes, the job is flexible if you are under a delivery agency; hence, you have time to do other things of your own. At least, you earn $25 every hour on any delivery you make.

Gym Instructor

For people who have a thing for the gym, you can become a gym instructor. This job allows you to coach different kinds of people and follow personal routines. It requires little or no experience at all, as well as no education requirement to get started. However, most gyms stereotype their instructors, i.e., they must be fit and muscular. Just in case you have these attributes, being a gym instructor won't be a bad idea. All you have to do is look for the closest gym to you and signup as one.

Dog Walking

Your love for dogs can get you an actual job without a degree certificate. You can become a dog walker and start earning money for yourself easily. This is a job you can either do part-time or full-time, but the latter takes more of your time and requires extra effort. There are dog owners who definitely need the services of a dog walker. You can either submit your application to them or be recommended by someone who knows what you do. Regardless, you get paid an average of $30,000 per year.



Generally, TaskRabbit is a website that connects people, especially those in demand of handy services such as woodwork, furniture, TV mounting, electricity, and so on. Now, to be a part of this platform, you must have a skill you are willing to offer to people. For instance, if you are great with TV repairs, which don't necessarily need a college degree, you can sign up on TaskRabbit and be a Tasker. Here, you would find people who need your services and are willing to pay for it.


Photography is also another job you can take on without any degree or experience. Although you must have been practicing and taking great shots before you consider making money from it. You can either be a life photographer (someone who takes random pictures for websites to use) or event photographer; either way, you would make enough money to set up your studio. The only challenging part of photography is that you need a great camera to get started, which is sometimes expensive.


A popular job these days is bartending, and it pays really well. It is the perfect part-time or weekend job. Bartending isn't so difficult as long as you know how to mix drinks, and you are great at delivery. This job doesn't necessarily require a college degree or years of experience; although some top bars may request for a bartending certificate before they employ you, there is still a great shot at this job. On average, you can make $35,000 per year being a bartender.

Real Estate Agent

With an increase in the demand for housing, it may not be that easy getting an apartment all by one's self. This is why there are real estate agents to do that. It is one of the best paying jobs as long as there are properties for rent, sale, or lease. These people connect both buyers and sellers together, then receive a commission when the deal is done. To be a real estate agent, you don't necessarily need a degree or experience, just know people who have properties for sale and use your marketing skills to find a buyer. The pay varies, but it is a great job to consider.


With the constant development opportunities being created in today's business world, there are lots of jobs to do that require a few years of experience, a basic education background, or none at all. Listed above are the top ones that pay at least $20 per hour. It would interest you to know that some people have made a career out of these jobs and now own a big enterprise. Depending on what you can do, choose any of the jobs above, and become great at it.

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