Brilliant Ideas to Make Money in College

by Victor C.

College years basically mean three things: freedom, fun, and responsibilities. No, actually four things: the fourth is the necessity to cope with all the tasks and projects the program provides and sometimes even work until morning to meet all your deadlines. In this case, many students prefer to find someone to delegate this job, asking their groupmates, "Who can do my math homework for money?". Freedom and fun are things that all college students can handle easily, but what about responsibilities? One thing is clear: college is not high school, it is not carefree, and you have to find a source of income to cover your loan, accommodation, and current expenses. What are the opportunities?

Top jobs to bring you cash in college

Students need money not only for fun: a college loan has to be covered at least with minimum but regular monthly payments, dorm room also requires rearrangement while you may have to pay to write essay when you run out of time and look for help. Now you are an adult and responsible for your life, which means that you have to find a part-time job and make some cash on a regular basis. The job should be flexible to be combined with your studies, and that brings us to the following list:

1. Babysitting

What can be more flexible and not taking much effort than sitting with someone`s child several hours a week for a few extra bucks? Parents always need help and look for a reliable person to leave their kid with, so why not with you? You can look for some babysitting ads on the web or in the local newspaper or ask your groupmates to recommend you to their friends and family: maybe someone in the neighborhood needs help;

2. Tutoring

If you study well (and you just have to in order not to drop out), you can pick one of the subjects you know the best and provide your services as a tutor. You can find clients in college among those students who have difficulties with this subject or first-year students. You can also provide online tutoring looking for new clients on special resources. The job is very flexible, and you can arrange your classes in the most convenient for you way;

3. Photography

For those who like taking pictures and can come up with really good shots, there is an option to work as a photographer at college events, graduation, birthdays, parties, and just individual photo shoots. All you have to do is to create a website or profile in social networks, fill it in with the best pictures you have made, and offer your services;

4. Office jobs

Top jobs to bring you cash in college
Top jobs to bring you cash in college

If you are majoring in Business, Finance, or other relevant fields, you would probably be happy to get some basic experience before you graduate. For example, you can become an intern in one of the companies. Yes, your salary won`t be great, but you won`t be working full-time. Instead, you will get some cash, knowledge, and skills for your future job;

5. Selling stuff

You can either work as a salesman in one of the shops selling different products like gadgets, clothes, or groceries or, you can sell your own stuff you have not been using since childhood. You would be surprised how popular can be some of these things and how other people would be happy to get them. This way, you can earn some good money, but it is rather a one-time thing (unless you want to sell handmade craft);

6. Waiter

Many students work at restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops as barista and waiters. This job is flexible enough, and even though the salary is usually small, generous tips can bring some good profit.You will need no experience at first and can learn in the process: your main task will be to make your customers as happy as possible so they could tip you;

7. Baking cakes

If you like baking, you can make money out of it. Everybody loves eating tasty cookies, cupcakes, bread, and birthday cakes, so you can offer your services for different events and just for your groupmates to try. You will need some word of mouth, so don`t forget to advertise your products on social networks and ask your friends to share;

8. Create a blog

Create a blog
Create a blog

This is probably one of the most modern and flexible ways to make some money. If you like writing and sharing interesting events from your life, it can become your dream job. Create a simple website based on WordPress, pick a relevant topic (for example, culinary blog) and fill it with engaging content. Once you start, be ready to update your blog regularly with fresh recipes and useful tips. When you reach a certain number of followers, some local companies will be interested in cooperating with you and paying money for placing ads in your blog. Thus, you can monetize it and get some good profit.

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