Best Ways to Sell Your Car in 2023

In Terms of Ease, Value, and Convenience

by Victor C.

These days, people don't have to go the extra mile to sell anything, even valuable stuff like cars because the internet provides endless possibilities. I could remember when I got my first car, it was so nice and easy until it needed to be replaced - it was so difficult and stressful. First, the value of the car wasn't worth it anymore, and then, it was difficult getting a buyer. I got so fed up, but eventually got it sold. During that time, I discovered one or two things that I'll be sharing in this review - the best ways to sell your car.

We live in a digital world where we can meet all kinds of people with the tap/push of a button. So if you need to sell a car, the internet , the internet's got your back, especially in terms of ease, value, and convenience. This would give you access to all kinds of buyers within and outside your jurisdiction.

What You Should Know Before You Sell Your Car

Before you make any attempt to sell your car whichever way you want (that would be described further below), you should pay attention to the following points.

Know The Value - Car Sale Link

Know The Value
Know The Value

The first thing you should know before you sell your car is the current market value. The market value depends on three major factors; time of usage, body or form, and market situation.

The time of usage is the number of years or months that the car has been in use, i.e., from the time you purchased the car brand new to the current time of sale. The farther the number of years, the lesser the value of the car.

Body or form is the current condition of the car. Does it look new, clean, or shows sign of heavy impact? Most cars with drive impacts or damages are sold at a lesser price compared to clean ones.

Finally, the situation of the market determines the final value of the car. If the market is fair, the price could still be great; if not, it would be less.

To get the value of your car online, you can check on Edmunds website.

Gather Paperwork

After you must have determined the value of your car, what you need to do next is gather the paperwork. This is an essential thing to do because no paperwork means the car was either stolen or missing. Truth be told, most people won't even consider buying it because it is risky. Therefore, make sure the paperwork is complete, legit, and authorized. If you can get this together, then selling wouldn't be difficult.


Finally, do a thorough inspection of your car. You can either take it to a mechanic or dealer's shop for a professional inspection. This is the right thing to do because it would help you discover or figure out what you need to adjust, change, or fix. These body damages reduce the value of your car; in order to raise it a little higher, you need to inspect and fix all the necessary things.

In fact, it is advisable to change car parts such as headlights, tires, floormats, and so on. These car parts would make the car seem quite new, and anyone buying wouldn't have to reconsider the price because it would be worth it. Although taking your car for inspection to a mechanic's workshop could cost you, but it would be a good investment on the long run.

5 Best Ways to Sell Your Car That Works

Now that you know what to do before you put your car up for sale, below are various known working ways to sell your car.

Trade for a New Car

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your car off is by trading it for a new one. Some individuals and organizations do this. It simply takes away the stress and effort of having to look for a buyer and then getting a ridiculous price.

Before you can trade your old car for a new one, the value of the car would be estimated. Now, if you have to add more money, the cost would be drawn out for completion; this is mostly what car dealers do. The point is that: the value assigned to your car is likely higher, unlike during resale, where it is lesser. There are chances you would disagree with the dealer on a few things (especially when you have to add money), but it will be something you can handle

The demerit of trading off for a new car is that the dealer gets more control than you. Notwithstanding, it is convenient and easy to meet up with expectations, i.e., you would get a new one from a dealer.

Sell to a Dealership

Even if you won't be trading off for a new one, selling to a dealership is a nice idea. These people are in the business of selling and buying cars, so it wouldn't be bad if you sell to them. Before you sell to a car dealer, you should brace yourself because you are likely to be offered a lowball for your car.

However, the interesting thing about this is that there could be many car dealers in your area, so if peradventure you disagree with one offer, you can always try out another dealer. You can continue doing this until you find one that suits you and looks reasonable.

If you would be doing this, then you should start making calculations for the new one you want. Thus, you would know how much to balance up with for a new one when the dealer gives you his bid.

Sell Directly to a Private Buyer - Car Sale Link

Sell Directly to a Private Buyer
Sell Directly to a Private Buyer

Another way you can sell your car at a good price is through direct marketing. This means you wouldn't need the help of a dealer before you can get your car sold. It has the potential of giving you the exact price; the car is reviewed on a website like Edmunds, and the retail, as well as wholesale value, is provided. The retail value is always higher, and that is the price you give to the direct buyer.

However, the only limitation of this method is that you have to apply a good marketing strategy. The sale depends on how good you can market your car to the right audience - talk about running ads on social pages. Also, trying to sell to a private buyer means you could be spending more time compared to the other two described above, but you would get good pay in the end.

Use CarMax - Car Sale Link

Use CarMax
Use CarMax

Still, a better alternative to selling your cars yourself is making use of CarMax. A known fact about CarMax is that: their advertisements get the attention of many people. The audience is large, which is why they are a good option. However, you need to make sure there is a CarMax in your area; only this would guarantee an easy process.

What you need to do is book an appointment with CarMax online. Once it has been received, you would be notified when to bring your car over. After inspection at the store, CarMax would give you a written offer that would be valid for 7 days. During this period, you are allowed to shop for any car of your choice. Your choice of car should be almost equivalent to the value of your car.

Peradventure, you don't seem interested in their cars, CarMax allows you to sell to them, and payment is made through bank draft. The price may be a little less than you expect, but the process is fast and easy.

Try "We Buy Cars for Cash"

A couple of times, you must have seen a badge with "We Buy Cars for Cash"; this just another option to sell your car. If you aren't interested in any of the alternatives above, or you couldn't get a dealer interested in your car, or controversies ensue, "We Buy Cars for Cash" could be your last hope.

Now, you should be ready to accept whatever price they are willing to offer because most times, they buy at a low price. Nevertheless, your car must be in good condition before they make their offer - if it isn't, they might not make any at all.

Overall, it is straightforward to sell your car through them as long as you are ready to accept their offer.


Selling cars isn't as stressful as they used to because the internet can now aid the entire process. As well, you must note that there are strategies to be taken in order to ensure the car-sale process goes well. Above, I have highlighted how to prepare your car for sale as well as ways on how to sell. Using any of these ways to sell your car would be wonderful, but a dealership could help you better, just like it did for me.

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