10 Best Volunteer Programs Around the World 2023-2023

by Victor C.

There are many benefits of volunteering we ignore. There are so many people who think that joining volunteering programs is a waste of time and resources, but it is not the case. One of the benefits of joining volunteer programs is that it exposes you to the culture of other people. You get an amazing opportunity to contribute and help out the people in need. Furthermore, you get a view shift from what you have been used to. Volunteering can also add to your experience if you are looking for a job. In this article, we will be explaining the best ten volunteering programs you can join. So, let's get started!

South Africa

South Africa
South Africa

The first volunteer program you can join is the Kruger National Park program in South Africa. The goal of the program is to keep endangered wild animals alive, thereby making regeneration possible. So all the participants involved are responsible for protecting endangered species such as leopards, lions, elephants, and buffaloes in the wild. Volunteers will be involved in activities such as habitat assessment, camera trapping, game drives, and vegetation sampling. Interestingly, participants get to meet new people, experience the wildlife and understand how animals co-habit.


The second program is the volunteer scheme in Ghana that accepts English teaching, childcare, and medical volunteers. As an English-speaking volunteer, you can use your wealth of knowledge to impact children in Ghanian schools. Also, if you are a childcare volunteer, you can extend your care and support to children who need help medically or emotionally. Then, as a medical volunteer, you can work with the childcare support group to provide health support for children battling different ailments.


Another top volunteering program you can apply to is the International Volunteer HQ's Madagascar program. The program has several volunteer projects you can register for, including Turtle Conservation, Forest Conservation, Island Outreach, and Community Development, Marine Conservation, and Teaching. For example, the community development program in Nosy Kombe helps volunteers renovate and reconstruct village schools in the community. The Island outreach also helps tour several Islands and assists with teaching, conservation, and other volunteer projects.


The International Volunteer HQ's Zanzibar volunteer program will house participants worldwide in the art of Tanzania, Africa. There are two structured projects volunteers can select - Rain Forest and Coastal Conservation as well as Turtle Conservation. First, the Rain Forest and Coastal Conservation in Jozani helps preserve the Zanzibar's rainforest and endangered species such as lizards, chameleons, Red Colobus Monkeys, tortoise, and snakes. Then, the Turtle Conservation in Nungwi helps to preserve the endangered turtles in Zanzibar.


Besides top volunteer programs in Zanzibar, Ghana, and South Africa, you can join the International Volunteer Program in Colombia. As expected, the program has several projects, including Sports Development, Feeding the Homeless, Construction and Renovation, Teaching and Childcare. Volunteers that participate in the Childcare and Elderly Care program in Bogota help busy childcare and Elderly Care centres in games, mealtimes, social support, and companionship. Also, participants, that choose the Feeding the Homeless program will serve up to 200 meals per day at busy community centres.


If you love the tropical life, you can also join the volunteer program in Bali, which gives you the option to choose several projects. These projects include Construction and Renovation, Health Education, Turtle Conservation, Health Education, Kindergarten, Teaching, and Environmental Education. For example, volunteers who choose the School and Community Renovation Project in Lovina can help support schools and community centres in the region. Besides, volunteers can choose the Health Education project in Ubud, where they can educate students about health-related topics like hygiene, nutrition, and good health practices.

Sri Lanka

Besides Bali, another volunteer program you can join in Asia is the volunteer program in Sri Lanka. In this program, you will learn about the religion and the culture of key places in the region. The volunteer program in Sri Lanka offers several projects, including Cultural Immersion, Turtle Conservation, Wild Elephant Conservation, Medical, Teaching, and Childcare. For example, if you choose to join the Cultural Immersion Project in Sri Lanka, you learn about the tradition of the Sri Lankan Vaddah community. Another fantastic project medical students can choose is the Medical project in Kandy, where you can help healthcare staff in the community.


The Jordan volunteer program is another unique program you can join in the Middle East. But, there are six engaging projects you can choose from all year long. These projects include the Special Ramadan project, Teaching, Special Needs, Arts and Music, Youth Support, and Women's Education. In addition, volunteers can offer youth support for young people who need to have a fun experience after school. These programs may include providing extra assistance, football, cycling, and playing casino games. Interestingly, you can switch up the fun by joining them to play Book of Dead online.


For a fantastic experience in Europe, you can choose to participate in Italy volunteer program, which offers eight interesting projects all year round. These projects include Creative Technology, Sustainable Farming, After School Care, Teaching, and Environmental. For example, in the after-school care project in Naples, volunteers will help manage the after-school program for underprivileged kids in the community. Another project you can join is animal care in Rome, where you can help provide care for stray and homeless cats in Rome.


Volunteers who would rather choose Greece and all its spectacles can join its volunteer program. You can choose from four projects - School Support, Special Needs Care, Food Outreach, and Kindergarten Support. For example, the food outreach project in Chios allows volunteers to prepare and share meals for vulnerable people in the community. Also, the Kindergarten Support project in Chios offers support to the staff and children in the kindergarten schools.


In this article, we have explained the best ten volunteer programs around the world. For volunteers who want to experience the nature of Africa, you can join the volunteer programs in South Africa, Madagascar, and Ghana. In Africa, you will know more about Forest Conservation, Island Outreach, and Community Development. However, volunteers can also join programs in European cities such as Belgium, Croatia, Greece, and Italy. Bear in mind that volunteering is an act of service to humanity, nature, and wildlife. So, why not join any of these volunteer programs today!

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