Best Online Jobs to Work from Home in 2022

Working from home seems like an ideal option to many. If one has to work on a computer at the office then is it not better to do the same thing from home? With time many new market segments and niches have formed that now employ people to work online. You can either choose to work from home or also deliver the assigned work by working in co spaces. The decision is entirely yours. For this year 2022, there are many opportunities for people who are looking to work online.

Best Online Jobs to Work from Home in 2022

These jobs are from many different fields and every individual will find something or the other that suits them.

Virtual assistant

This is one of the best jobs available for anyone who wants to work online. Lots of businesses require assistants that do not necessarily need to be present physically. It is preferred by either small businesses or businesses that operate offshore. Nevertheless, your job as a virtual assistant would be to handle the small and day to day problems that a business might encounter. This includes communicating with employees either via email or through a call. It also includes managing daily tasks such as delivery of consignments and updating all records.

The link provides a detailed guide on how to become a virtual assistant. It gives a good insight which can come in handy.

Online surveys

Online surveys
Online surveys

Taking surveys online can really help you in earning money. First of all, it is easy and secondly it can be done at any time at your convenience. They are a wide variety when it comes to survey and you can pick whatever you like accordingly. It is mostly for research purposes and might be on your favorite service or good. It is not that time consuming and you can easily earn $20-$30/hour.


This job primarily requires hearing audio and video files and then making a script of what you heard. You need to have excellent hearing capabilities along with a strong grip on typing. If you are able to type fast, you will earn more. You need to have competitive typing skills in order to pass various tests that are normally there on transcribing websites. The faster you, your earnings automatically goes up. Srible, Transcribe Me are some of the many sites that offer transcribing jobs. Rates can be as low as $3/hour to as high as $22/hour.

Visit the following site to have a greater understanding how Scrible works and how you can earn from it.


Online micro tasks are for people who want to work online as an independent contractor. In this, companies who want small work done from time to time hire independent individual to get a specific work done. This can include captions for a picture, editing a document or file. It cannot be taken up as a full-time job and is best suited a side job from where you can earn extra money.

The following two websites provides these jobs where you can sign up and get started.


This is best suited for individuals who have excellent grammar skills and want to put them to use. It is easy if you are skilled in your work as instead of writing long articles from the beginning, all you have to do is proofread the work given to you and then submit is back to the client. It is not that time consuming once you have a good grip on it.

This link directs you to an article where all jobs related to this are listed and described in detail.


Most people view blogging as a very demanding job that mind not even turn out to be that lucrative. However, the truth is different. You can earn up to a six-figure salary if your blog is well liked and well received. People start to advertise on your blog which will automatically bring in money. Not only that but affiliated marketing and making digital products available online is an excellent example of how well blogging can turn out to be if it is done right.



You can write a story on Medium and become an instant writer. Unlike blogging where you have to wait months in order to get a decent profit, by writing on Medium you can earn instantly. Anyone at all can start writing. The more people that read your story by clicking on it, the higher your earnings. It claims to have people earning above $10k although, majority earns around $100.

The website below is where you can start medium writing and start your online job.


As a freelancer you easily earn money online. There are various websites that offer this option such as the following:

· Fiverr

· Upwork

· Freelancer

· Guru

These websites offer freelancing jobs such as ghostwriting, copywriting and even creative writing opportunities. People who want articles written sign up here along with people looking for work. When both the sides are comfortable and at ease of selling and buying, it begins. You can earn comfortably through this by writing online at your ease and pace.

Publishing an eBook

Writing an eBook is an excellent option for people who are set in their writing skills and are more into the idea of writing a book than short articles for people. It cuts out the middle source giving you access to all the money you make. However, one thing is to be noted. Unlike freelancing where writing an article can either take a couple of hours to a few days, writing an eBook is rather time consuming. It takes up a lot of your time and can work in your favor if you are known and people are already looking forward to see your writing. You can upload it on places like Amazon. Although, other things like making a cover of the book might need hiring someone which can be an added expense.

This link provides a more detailed insight on how to start and how you can learn more.

Develop a niche website

If you want to earn online and have great knowledge about a specific subject or area of interest then developing a niche market is definitely for you. Firstly, it is not directed towards the masses. It is made specifically keeping in mind that some people who have specific interests can be targeted. It can be anything. From photography to cooking styles. There is a niche market for everything. All you have to do is target that segment effectively. Writing SEO articles and information on your website will really build it and the more people view is, the more you will earn.

Lead generator

This is as simple as they come. All you have to do is look for business that have little to no online footprint. Once you recognize which companies are not online all you have to do is contact them. Usually what happens is that these companies want to come online but either do not know how to or lack appropriate directions. You can contact them yourself and offer your services.

SEO consultancy

Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly popular. It is used by companies all around who want to make sure they top the Google result no matter what. The higher your page or research comes when it is searched is what makes you earn money. It is also very easy to get a hold of. There are online courses available which you can also learn at the comfort of your house and timings. It is a great way to make money online.

The link states the job description of an SEO consultant and what is expected of him/her.

Social Media Manager

This is an ideal job for anyone who loves social media. As a social media manager all you have to do is manage account of either people or companies. They are already present but are unable to run it effectively. They require help to maintain it and also attract potential clients through this. It is a rather easy to handle job if you are well aware of social media, how it works and what can get more people. It can be easily done anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Pay is around $15-$40/hour.


We all follow YouTube and the people that take the social media by a storm. One photo or video can easily rile up the whole of population. If being in front of camera is something that you like then being a YouTuber is something you can consider. It takes time. You cannot get a huge following in a day. You need to have quality content and the ability to connect with your audience in a way which keeps them hooked. People pay to get endorsed on YouTube and you can advantage of that. Also, the higher number of people who watch your videos, the more profitable it is.

When it comes to working online, there are various options available to choose from depending on your taste.

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