The Hidden Gems To Smarten Up Your Smartphone Apps

Streamline or revitalize your home screen with smarter apps that may have skipped your attention and learn how to prioritize which ones to keep.

Apps for your smartphone that you may not be aware of

The casual smartphone user may have their favourite online casino app, online banking and maybe some news and social media fixed to their home screen but most common users completely underutilize their smartphones. It is estimated that up to around 50% of iPhone and android capability goes underused or completely undiscovered. This complete lack of awareness is unfathomable given the tech-savvy digital world we find ourselves in but it remains the case. Whether it is a lack of promotion from developers or just the naivety of the target audience, the awareness problem means that a lot of handy, interesting, and state-of-the-art apps are being neglected and people are seriously missing out!

Apps for your smartphone that you may not be aware of
Apps for your smartphone that you may not be aware of

Apps That Can Help You

We aren't talking about your everyday apps that get rammed down your throat by advertisers here, there and everywhere. There are so many apps out there that can make your life a whole lot easier and you don't even know it. You might be someone who is big into their online games such as Royal Swan and other slot games and even the smallest little thing you would not even consider an app for is probably out there functioning.

From email and photography to navigation, weather and video-calling services, the list goes on but each one of those standard functions has at least three or four alternatives on the respective app store or shop ready to download, and there are often dozens more that can represent a significant upgrade if you are willing to look hard enough. Often it won't even take much more effort than just not selecting the first suggestion after your initial search to get rewarded with an absolute pearler of an app that does everything you desire from it. Here are some helpful apps you will find resourceful that perhaps have gone under the radar;

  • Pacer (Android and iOS)

  • IFTTT (Android and iOS)

  • Telegram Messenger (Android and iOS)

  • Todoist (Android and iOS)

  • Waze (Android and iOS)

Apps you can delete

Apps you can delete
Apps you can delete

Of course, there are apps that you cannot be without and you would not dream of getting rid of as you couldn't go ten minutes without them. We would consider game-related apps because everyone enjoys playing games and having some downtime where possible. We all have them and your smartphone is the safe haven for all your favourites. However, all of us are guilty of having the odd app or two (or twelve!) that we cling to 'just in case' and because 'you never know'. These are the ones to target, these are the ones that waste our battery, they are the space fillers and the reason you cannot upload any more pictures. They must go! You do not need them on your device, they are unnecessary and pointless so time to be ruthless and decisive to make way for all the other quality apps we have recommended in the other sections of this article (You know, the ones that will change your life forever!). Here are some types of apps that you need to uninstall immediately;

  • Apps not used

  • Old apps

  • Incompatible apps

  • Manufacturer bloatware

  • Battery savers

  • Antivirus apps

  • Apps that claim to clean up your phone:

  • Apps that claim to save RAM

Unusual Apps To Grab Your Attention

Unusual Apps To Grab Your Attention
Unusual Apps To Grab Your Attention

The obvious ones are already out there, they don't need discussion because the corporate machine is behind them, money accompanies them, eye-catching colour and wonderful high spec graphics and HD pictures are aligned with them. The apps that will get fewer headlines, fewer clicks, low downloads are the ones that many don't focus on but should. They do not have the glamour or the mainstream following but they are as compatible, useful and reliable as their fancier counterparts. You'd be surprised at how many gaming apps can slip under the radar and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few of them for you to try;

  • Reddit AMA Filter

  • Challenger Comics Viewer

  • Hooks

  • Ringo

  • JustWatch

  • Spendee

  • Sketch a trak

  • Apphoarder

  • Web Video Caster

Apps To Limit Your Screen Time

If you find yourself glued to your smartphone and you need a break, you're not alone. Many people cannot stop technological progress affecting their daily routines and even their minute-by-minute mannerisms and traits. It is normal to be wasting away countless hours each day on our phones without even realising it. If you fall under this description and no longer want to be measured by this modern and generalistic criteria then there are apps out there to help but before you even get to that stage, your smartphone probably already has the well-being tech to get you started. If it hasn't or you require more assistance to keep your digits away from your mobile then here are some apps that will make a difference;

  • Rescuetime (Android, Linux, macOS, Windows)

  • Headspace (Android and iOS)

  • Space (Android, Chrome, iOS)

  • Forest (Android, Firefox, iOS)

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