Getting A Dog: 5 Reasons To Consider The American Akita

When you decide to get a dog, you will probably want to find the perfect one for you right away and bring the puppy home, so as to enjoy its company and give it the love that it needs. Yet, nowadays there are so many different breeds out there that it can be quite difficult for people to decide which puppy to actually get. If you are like most people, then I believe it's safe to say that there are a lot of breeds you prefer and that basically every single puppy you see can melt your heart and make you love it.

One of the breeds you prefer must be the American Akita, and if you are wondering how I know that, I suggest you read the title of this article again. No, I am not a magician or a mind reader. It's just that the fact that you've found your way here tells me that you are rather fond of this particular breed and that you want to find out whether getting an American Akita puppy is the right thing for you or not. Of course, you are probably considering a few other breeds as well, but chances are that this one will win, because once you fall in love with the American Akita, you won't be happy until you get one for yourself.

If you are wondering why, I am so sure that you will fall in love with this breed, let me put it this way. Rare are those who don't fall in love with the amazing temperament of these dogs coupled with a cute and goofy appearance that will make you smile day after day. In other words, these canines are extremely lovable and there is absolutely no way you'll be able to resist their beauty and their personality, even if you try really hard.

Getting A Dog: 5 Reasons To Consider The American Akita:
Getting A Dog: 5 Reasons To Consider The American Akita:

Since you probably aren't keen on getting a dog just because you think they are beautiful, I suppose that you want to hear about at least a few reasons why the American Akita could be the perfect choice for you. If I am right, then you will definitely love what's coming next. To put things simply, if you keep on reading, you will hear about a few great reasons why this specific breed could be the perfect choice for you. That way, you'll manage to make your decision based not only on appearance, but also on some amazing facts that will actually prove to you that the American Akita is an amazing pet. Let's begin.

1. They Are Gentle Giants

One of the reasons why people hesitate to get a larger dog breed is because they immediately assume that large equals aggressive. That, however, couldn't be further from the truth and the American Akita is the perfect example that can prove this assumption wrong. These dogs are actually real life gentle giants, meaning that their size won't stop them from trying to sit in your lap and show affection. They will also enjoy sleeping with you in the same bed, although that can turn out to be a bit uncomfortable for you if you don't teach them to stick to their side of the bed.

They Are Gentle Giants
They Are Gentle Giants

Here are some more facts you should know about this breed:

Nevertheless, you shouldn't expect these animals to cuddle with just anyone. While they will love their owners and their entire family, they might not be too keen on getting cuddles from strangers. So, don't let just anyone approach them and try to cuddle them, because they will get irritated.

2. Their Goofiness Will Make You LOL

While your friends might not be able to cuddle with your American Akita, they will most certainly get to enjoy their goofiness. These dogs are a constant source of fun. They tend to make weird faces, as well as assume quite unusual positions and their movements can be anything but graceful when they feel comfortable and when they are on their own territory. All of this will lead to everyone laughing out loud while looking at the dog, with tears probably running in streams down their cheeks.

3. They Are Said To Be The Bearers Of Good Luck

Akita dogs are also said to be the bearers of good luck, which is one of the reasons why people frequently get them as pets. Now, this most certainly isn't the only reason why, but if you are at least a little bit superstitious, then you will definitely love the idea of having a canine that brings good luck. Of course, apart from good luck, it will also bring positive energy and lots and lots of love. Click this to check whether this dog could be right for you.

4. They Are Extremely Loyal

If you are looking for an animal that will be extremely loyal towards its entire family, then look no further. The American Akita is known for its loyalty and protectiveness. This goes for every single member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest ones.

5. They Are Super Intelligent

It goes without saying that you want your dog to be smart, especially if it is protective and sort of wary of other people. After all, you don't want them to react in a negative way or attack other people out of nowhere. Well, let me assure you that there is no reason to worry. The American Akita is actually super intelligent and it is sometimes said to be even smarter than certain people.

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