Pokemon Announces its First MOBO Title

We are halfway into 2021 and the mobile gaming industry has skyrocketed in terms of popularity and revenue. So, how could Pokemon miss out on a chance like this.

The already billion dollar franchise with multiple highly popular titles under its umbrella has just dropped another bomb on its competitors and this time, for the very first time in its history, Pokemon is all ready to set foot in the competitive battle ground of MOBO genre with Pokemon Unite.

Although the game is far from being released anytime soon and with no to scarce pieces of information from the officials, we can't say much about the release date. However, the Pokemon fanatics have scoured deep through the depths of internet to find everything they can.

So, here is everything that we know about Pokemon's first MOBO title Unite, so far.

What is Pokemon Unite

What is Pokemon Unite
What is Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is Pokemon's first take on the MOBO genre. It is a 5v5 team-based strategy game, such as League of Legends and Arena of Valor, to name a few. Pokemon Unite is expected to be similar to LoL Wild Rift that is currently getting more and more popular while players are buying maxed out LoL Wild Rift accounts.

The game was announced last year, on June 24 and it is currently being developed by Tencent's CODM maker, TiMi studios. Call of Duty Mobile received wide attention, especially after a great boom of Warzone, players are massively buying CoDM accounts. However, the developers are not sharing any details about the game, except for what updates have been introduced. Their most recent update included some graphics enhancements, more Pokemon and some fixes in the game.

Pokemon Unite Release Date

Currently, the officials have not whispered anything about when the title can be expected. But we are pretty sure that Pokemon will announce the release date by the end of this year.

According to the officials, Pokemon Unite will be released for Android, IOS and Nintendo Switch. And currently there is no news for the game to be released for PC or Console.

Pokemon Unite Beta

Although we don't have a release date for Pokemon Unite yet, the residents of Canada can already play the title on their android devices, as Pokemon has already released a Beta version of the game this month.

The beta version is only available for android devices and can be downloaded from Playstore. However, Pokemon has put up some requirements for players to be able to play the game. And that includes, not sharing any content of the Beta version with anyone else, especially on platforms like youtube or twitch.

Pokemon Unite Gameplay

Pokemon Unite has pretty straightforward gameplay. You get to play in a 5v5 competitive match with objectives to score as many points on your opponents scoring areas as you can, in a limited amount of time.

While you are at it, you can also get involved in random pokemon fights with the opposing teams. And just like any other Pokemon game, your pokemon can also get evolved. The team with more points at the end, wins the match!

Unite seems to be gaining a lot of popularity and coming from Pokemon, it is no surprise, as there are millions of die-hard fans already waiting for the game to hit the market!

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