Best Time-lapse Apps for Android in 2023

by Victor C.

Since time immemorial, the world inhabitant has always expressed their desire to capture exciting moments. However, this was almost impossible until the world experienced a technological revolution. 

With various technological inventions, you can capture different scenarios without any hassle. When these moments are recorded, you can refresh your memory by watching them at a convenient time. The great opportunity of capturing different activities through videography techniques has been made possible through the various Android devices introduced into the tech world. With your Android device, you can record time-lapse videos effortlessly. While some Android devices have got a built-in time-lapse app, you need to download and install the app into other smartphones. In case your Android device has no built-in time-lapse feature, you will need to get the best app downloaded on it.

Summary of Best Time-lapse Apps for Android in 2023

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of the best time-lapse apps you can use for your Android devices.

Time-Lapse Apps Pros Cons
Lapse It
  1. It records a new video or chooses from the existing videos stored on your Google photo or phone.
  2. You can stop motion videos with it.
  3. You can change its resolution, frames per second, codec, and record quality video in different resolutions.
  4. You can adjust your recording in minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.
  5. It supports both the front and back cameras.
  6. You can add music to videos effortlessly.
No cons documented.
Microsoft Hyperlapse
  1. It supports video recording in 720p and 1080p resolution formats.
  2. It allows users to adjust video time speed.
  3. You can record or import existing videos.
  1. It has no video effect feature.
  2. It offers limited video duration.
  3. It adds a watermark to the end of recorded videos.
Time Lapse Video
  1. It does not add a watermark to videos.
  2. Its interface is easy to operate.
  3. You can post recorded videos on social media platforms.
No con documented.
PicPac StopYou can add texts to finished videos effortlessly. You can stop the motion of videos seamlessly.It lacks some basic settings.
  1. It offers fast rendering time.
  2. You can adjust white balance, exposure, and timer to your videos.
  3. You can add filters to your finished videos
  4. It allows you to change the resolution of videos effortlessly.
It displays annoying ads.
  1. Time lapse Camera
  1. You can either do a time-lapse or photo-lapse with it.
  2. You can select the duration of the video and also add audio seamlessly.
  3. You can change the resolution of videos effortlessly.
No cons documented.

Best Time-lapse Apps for Android in Detail

Best Time-lapse Apps for Android in 2023
Best Time-lapse Apps for Android in 2023

Nowadays, many time-lapse apps are consistently introduced by tech geeks. Hence, there is a need to identify the best time-lapse app you can install and on your Android device. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best time-lapse recording apps you can use for your Android device.

1. Lapse It - Link

Lapse It
Lapse It

If you are looking for a time-lapse app that produces excellent shooting time-lapse video, Lapse It is a great app you can choose. The app is designed with tons of exciting features. You can do unlimited recordings of different events like blooming flowers, life in megalopolises, water movement, and many more. The fantastic time-lapse app allows you to have full access to its manual setting feature. Through the manual settings, you can adjust the focus mode, scene mode, white balance, and ISO mode. Aside from shooting time-lapse videos with Lapse It, you can stop motion videos with the app. The excellent app has features through which you can change its resolution, frames per second, codec, and record quality video in different resolutions up to 1080p. You can also adjust your recording in minutes, seconds, or milliseconds. As a Lapse It user, you can import beautiful frames from your gallery and combine them to produce a beautiful video. The Lapse It app supports both the front and back cameras. It also allows you to add effects and music to make the video more lively. The videos recorded on Lapse It can be exported in formats like MOV, FLV, H264, and MP4.

2. Microsoft Hyperlapse - Link

Microsoft Hyperlapse

The Microsoft Hyperlapse is an amazing time-lapse app designed and introduced into the Google play store by Microsoft. The Microsoft Hyperlapse app is developed with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. With the amazing app, you can import or shoot videos effortlessly. While shooting videos with the Microsoft Hyperlapse app, you can select the best speed you desire from 1x to 32x. You can also record a new video or choose from the existing videos stored on your Google photo or phone. The Microsoft Hyperlapse app works perfectly for short videos with a maximum video length of about 20 minutes. When videos are recorded, you can select the resolution you desire between 720p and 1080p formats. All the recorded videos can be saved on your SD card. After rendering the videos recorded with Microsoft Hyperlapse, you can share them with friends and colleagues. All the features of Microsoft Hyperlapse are free of cost.

3. Time-Lapse Video - Link

Time-Lapse Video
Time-Lapse Video

Time-Lapse Video is an impressive looking time-lapse app designed for all Android users to capture exciting moments effortlessly. The well-designed app has an attractive and user-friendly interface - you will find it easier to navigate. With the Time Lapse Video app, you can create high-quality time-lapse without any hassle. The excellent app provides its users with arrays of video editing tools. With the video editing tools, you can slow down or speed up all recorded video clips. The Time-Lapse Video app also has a feature through which you can improve or increase the quality of all videos recorded. You can use its video trimming feature to edit your recorded video to your taste. You can also remove unwanted objects from your video seamlessly. The app does not disturb you with watermarks. All your created time-lapse videos can be posted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

4. PicPac Stop - Link

PicPac Stop
PicPac Stop

If you are looking for an amazing time-lapse app that has tons of incredible features, PicPac Stop is the best you can choose. The app is developed to attract Android users through its highly intuitive and elegant interface that is not difficult to maneuver. With the PicPac Stop app, you can record and import videos. You can also convert the videos into time-lapse. As a PicPac Stop user, you can make necessary changes to imported clips effortlessly. The app has a feature whereby you can add audio to your video to make it more lively and interesting. PicPac Stop has a unique feature whereby you can control the functionalities of the app with your voice. You can also use the time-lapse app to create animations and time-lapses by uploading photos and videos from your gallery, capturing life time-lapse pictures, and Instagram pictures. The incredible time-lapse app allows you to add texts to your finished videos seamlessly. PicPac Stop offers its features in free and subscribed versions. The subscribed version costs less than $5. with the subscribed version, you will eliminate annoying ads.

5. Framelapse - Link


When you desire to download and use a time-lapse app that offers fast rendering time to its users, Framelapse is the best app you can choose. The excellent app is designed with a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface. With Framelapse, you will enjoy tons of amazing features. The incredible time-lapse app offers its users full control of the settings features. It also allows you to define the frame interval of your recorded video. Framelapse has the ability to set your recorded video duration to stop automatically. It also has an efficient built-in calculator feature through which you can determine the duration of any captured clip. The excellent app has a wizard mode through which you can set a frame interval automatically. When recording videos, you can set the app to sleep mode to minimize the consumption of your battery life. As a Framelapse user, you can adjust white balance, exposure, and timer of your video. You can also add necessary filters to all your finished videos effortlessly. The app allows you to customize the orientation and change the resolution and bitrate of your video without any hassle. It has a free and paid version. If you can cope with the ad display, the free version is okay for you. However, you can eliminate the ads display using the subscribed version.

6. Time lapse Camera - Link

Time lapse Camera
Time lapse Camera

The list of the best time-lapse apps for Android devices will not be complete without discussing the Time lapse Camera app. The excellent and well-designed app has an elegant interface that is straightforward to use for all categories of Android owners. With the Time lapse Camera app, you can access huge varieties of features that will thrill you. The fantastic app has an option through which you can either do a time-lapse or photo-lapse. The photo-lapse feature of the app allows you to take about 30 images without any hassle. The captured images are developed into a wonderful time-lapse video. On the Time lapse Camera app, you can change video resolution to a resolution of up to 1080p formats. You can also add audio and select a duration from 1 minute to 12 hrs. The amazing Time lapse Camera app offers all its features to its users at no cost. Hence, you don't have to spend your hard-earned dollars on it.

Wrap Up

The presence of time-lapse apps on Android devices has reduced the request for professional cameras, video editing software, and tripods. Time-lapse apps have proven to be efficient in recording and rendering videos of high-quality. Today, I have discussed the best time-lapse apps you can use on your Android devices. I hope the content will assist you when the need arises. Happy reading!

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