What is VCC and Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers in 2022

The Virtual Credit Card is suitable for several purposes. It is also known as prepaid card or stored-value. You wonder, What's a virtual credit card? Cool! That is what this article will make you understand. It will also help you with information about some best virtual credit cards. And we're here to help you get the ideal VCC.

Why a Need for a Good Free Virtual Credit Card Provider in 2022

A virtual credit card is, as the name suggests, clearly a credit card number. It is an auto-generated card designed to support online transactions. It Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid credit card that can only be used for online payments and can't be used with ATM . Most Virtual Credit Cards are not issued physically by any financial institution. They are being built by the use of software to help users get a provisional credit card number. Since VCCs are not physical, cloning them is practically impossible. This makes it highly secure for all online payments.

Know that Having a Virtual Credit Card has a range of benefits. Let's talk about some of the benefits of having a VCC before diving into the top VCC list:

Globally Accepted

Virtual Credit Cards are an appropriate mode of transaction for many e-commerce companies. Vast number of vendors have VCCs system of payment. It is becoming a practice in transactions online. VCCs are convenient and safe for shopping across the globe.

It is important to note that not all online companies accept Virtual Credit Cards. To process payment, VCCs require a program. The program isn't similar to actual credit cards. Not all sellers have that kind of program in place. But this issue only occurs with transactions on a small online service. Esteemed online companies have the Automated Credit Card Readers . With technological advancement and with time, VCCs will become acceptable everywhere.

Exchange rate for international transactions

International transactions need exchange rates of various currencies . This is a challenge when using credit card. This is because you have to make transactions with a different currency credit. VCCs automatically execute this task for you. You don't need to think about currency exchange with your VCC. The VCC program trades the credit against the currency with which you have to pay with. This is a great function of the VCC, and it saves users time and energy.

Ensure that you confirm if this is available on the VCC you are signing up. This is because it's a function you really want in a card. This all depends on the provider you use.

Defense against fraud

VCC help you to secure information about your bank account. Using a VCC rather than a credit card safeguards you from any of those issues relating to fraud. If you use a VCC for online purchases it implies that you do not use your real credit card for that function. It protects your credit card details from any sort of theft and your bank account is secure. The VCC details is designed to suit your own preferences, and you can close it anytime you wish. Your bank account will not be affected by the VCC closure. During transaction users feels comfortable with VCCs.

Time and Payment Limits

Using virtual credit cards gives you more independence. It allows you to determine what your limits will be. You can restrict how much you spend on a given platform. VCCs will support you by enabling you set your VCC spending limits. This is helpful if you wish to prevent over-spending. You are responsible for when and how your VCC operates.


One of a VCC's most valued qualities is that it provides flexibility in terms of card customization. With VCC you get to choose your limits yourself. A VCC lets you pick the cap you want. It also allows you choose your card's expiry date and other important information. It is easy to replace your VCC. You can make it inactive at any time before your set expiry date. It is both user friendly and safe.

No extra charges

Typically, Virtual Credit Cards do not charge you any fee. This is because you get the card number online through the software. I t is cost-free with no undisclosed charges. And what is better than getting a credit card with no charge whatsoever.

Weaknesses of a VCC

These include the following:

Limited services

The VCC is kind of limited in availability. Not all financial institutions issue the VCCs.

Limited usage

In some transactions you can't use a virtual card. The services ask for the actual credit card.

Pending transactions

Owing to the online transaction, the transfer of funds often does not take place seamlessly from the user's account to the vendor account. This may take time. Often the products are already dispatched to the buyer without confirming if the payment went through.

Skeptical vendors

While online shopping is becoming globally popular, some sellers are still doubtful of VCC numbers. And they don't want to be paid with them.

Best Free Virtual Credit Card Providers in 2022

Entropay - VCC Link


Entropay is among the best issuers of VCC whose services cost you no initial charge. Entropay would help you build cost-free Virtual Credit Card. It is among the easily accessible channel for your Virtual Credit Card. It simply involves verification of your card's address and data. It allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to top up your VCC. With this, you would not run out of funds on the VCC. On every transaction, Entropay does charge a little fee. It is a highly rated prepaid card issuer globally!

Netspend - VCC Link


Netspend also ranks among the top providers of prepaid cards. It is well known for its service to residents of the United States. If you need a free of charge VCC for all your online transaction purposes, this is another great choice for you. People seem to value Netspend more as its service is authorized by Visa USA Inc. Netspend offers services (marketing and operating) to Visa Check Card and Prepaid Mastercard . Netspend not only offers a prepaid master card, but also provides debit card for your visa as per your specifications. Netspend does not charge any activation fees for its VCC. It also doesn't have a minimum deposit to retain whilst using the VCC. Like other lawful credit cards, Netspend necessitates verification of identity.

American Express - VCC Link

American Express

It is among the well-known online banking platforms. It provides several operations, apart from its online banking operation, such as VCCs. You can easily create your VCCs. You may use the card to make payments to sites. Others are online ecommerce platforms and other sites around the world. The exciting quality is its incentive program for its customers. American Express is not restricted to USA. It offers Virtual Credit Cards to users around the globe. You do not need any minimum sum to obtain an American Express Virtual Credit Card. AmEx has a special pricing system for VCCs. They offer a decent yearly deduction. Yet they offer programs that covers the fees well enough!

Neteller VCC - VCC Link

Neteller VCC

Neteller is among PayPal 's best options providing prepaid Mastercard. It can also use as Virtual Credit Card for your safer transactions online. Neteller is a common VCC because it also offers an online banking platform service. One of Neteller's important advantages is that it is connected with Paypal and Skrill . To use Neteller VC, you only need to sign up with Neteller. Neteller bills a very little fee on each transaction. Nevertheless, you can obtain the card at no cost.

Payoneer - VCC Link


Payoneer is among the transaction processors mostly used for payments globally. Payoneer is a VCC commonly used and is available in many nations. It is among the most widely used VCCs by entrepreneurs in more than 200 nations in the world! Offers made by Payoneer. Payoneer lets you build account for free. This account is useful for receiving and sending funds to international platforms. Payoneer is also one of the best choices because it is very safe but Payoneer is not very fast. It requires verification of all your information, such as bank information to ensure protection. This can take a lot time. This feature makes Payoneer an easy and secure choice. Payoneer offers you prepaid Mastercards which you can use as a VCC to pay funds to numerous websites globally. One other great feature is that Payoneer bills its users minimally, which renders it as a great preference.

Walmart Money Card - VCC Link

Walmart Money Card

Walmart money card allows users to quickly build their prepaid credit card. Though, its payment services are currently available to US residents only. It provides Visa Prepaid debit card and Prepaid credit cards. Its service is cost-free. It charges no fee on transactions. It also does not require that you must own a bank account to utilize the card. The card can be tendered for various uses. These include online purchases, payment system. It can be tendered to tendered for transactions in the United states. Its cards are favored by customers. This is because it enables customers to receive cash-back on payments made. Walmart online services offers users a three percent return on purchases on its stores online. It offers one percent for purchases in its physical stores. It offers Murphy transactions 2 per cent money-back. However, if you regularly use the card together with the yearly rewards points you will get $75.

As virtual credit cards gain more popularity, merchants are learning to trust the use of VCCs. VCCs are sometimes banned on some shopping sites. Many trustworthy companies provide VCCs and promote their use. Ensure that you understand the VCC rules and regulations of the provider. Much like your regular credit card account, there may be over-limiting consequences on a VCC. Such restrictions are highly dependent on your card's service provider. Check the companies and their conditions to find out which one is best for you!

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