How To Find Good Local Auto Mechanics in 2021

One of the experiences of life that can be so frustrating is having a problem and not knowing the way about it or a readily approach to get things right. The same applies when our automobiles breakdown, and we are unable to get it running again ourselves.

When this happens, getting a good mechanic to do the fixing is a hard thing, especially one that is competent as well as being honest in delivery.

We have come up with information and tips to help you get the best mechanic and one that is affordable for your repair(s).

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Characteristics of a Good Auto Mechanic

Firstly you need to know what makes up a good mechanic, and we will be listing four important attributes to check out for:


When we talk about competence, we are talking about knowing deeply about something. Sound mechanics know well about cars. With just a brief check at the problem of your automobile, they can diagnose it and proffer a solution in no time.


When considering the nature of the work of mechanics, they can come up with a problem that is not real and have you pay for the service. They can extend their labor time unduly, to drain more from your pocket. Honest mechanics will not go beyond what is necessary or charge for what they have done at a fair rate.

Perhaps there are many competent mechanics out there, but what narrows down the list of good mechanics is the aspect of their trustworthiness. That is why it is a difficult task to find one. Though there are few ways to check for a trustworthy mechanics which we will be showing you later as you read on.

Fair Service Charge

With the work term often called gravy work, some mechanics can go the miles with the motive of getting more money from you for their services, especially when you are ignorant of what is happening. Some mechanics could even enforce that you get a particular brand-parts that are expensive to do the fixing of your car when there are alternatives that can fit in perfectly at a lower cost. Also, some can inflate the prices of their services.

You can check out the NAPA AutoCare Repair Estimator to compare the charge of your repair.

Further More with Best and Affordable Auto Mechanics in 2021

Another attribute of sound mechanics is that they help you come up with affordable repair costs both for the present and future. There are various ways they can do this for you.

1. They prevent bigger repairs

One common challenge with automobiles is the occurrence of the small problem leading to bigger ones. When you don't fix a small problem in your car, it can escalate to a bigger one, which will be more costly to fix. For example, if you fail to change your brake pads when required, it could result in damage to the brake system. And aside from this, it could cost your life and possibly that of others.

2. They get the job done quicker

You possibly know the implication cost on you if your car has to spend several days in the mechanic shop while they are trying to diagnose the problem and fix it? That will eventually result in you spending more on public transportation or hired transit for you to get to your workplace. It will likewise add up to the cost of labor duration, aside from the fixed diagnosed problem(s). In contrast, a good mechanic because of his competence will diagnose your car problem faster, and in honesty, will afford any delay in doing the fixing.

3. They don't engage unnecessary fixing

With competence and trustworthiness, a good mechanic will not go into trial and error doing different repairs that are not necessary for repairing your car to come up with a specific problem. You will have to spend more money on the unnecessary job aside the laboring time spent that you will equally pay. But a reputable mechanic will help you avoid all these costs analyzed above.

4. They don't force other services on you

There are some mechanics when you go to them for simple service like maintenance routine. They will invariably sell other "uncalled for" service to you aside from the one you came to do. For instance, if you go to replace your brake pads, they can convince you to do the alignment and may not mind telling you that you have to flush your radiator to prevent overheating. But a trustworthy mechanic will repairs what is needed to be repaired and leaves you with your car in a safe state.

How to find the best auto mechanics?

Seek for the Local Mechanics

A good mechanic should be one you can easily access to fix your car when the need arises. There is no point in having a mechanic that you will not access easily when in need. So you should consider the mechanics that are located around your workplace or home and get the best one to do the fixing of your car when needed.

As you read on, you will know more about how you can pick the best mechanic around you for your car repairing.

You can check out this YouTube video on how to find a good mechanics

Word of Mouth Recommendations

I am sure you are most likely not going to be the only one who rides or own a car in your area or location. And also, you are not the only one who needs the services of auto mechanics. Therefore, you can walk up to your neighbors, friends, coworkers, family that are close by and ask them about the mechanic that repairs their automobiles, including the service performance of such to them. With the words of their mouths, you could easily have the best mechanic for your car repairs, especially when the same mechanic is mention by more than one person. Since they will most likely be honest with you, due to relationship proximity, this can be the best approach for you.

You can check out these rules if you decide to go to your dealer for repair.

Go to Businesses that use Automobiles

They are a lot of local businesses that are dependent on their automobiles for their operation. And since their business depends on the healthiness of vehicles, they would have ensured to have the best mechanic in place for their repairs. Therefore you can reach out to a few of these local businesses and inquiry about the mechanics that do take care of their vehicles. You could have easy access to them if you walk up to the drivers of these automobiles.

Search and Check-out Online Reviews

With search websites like Angie's List, Yelp, and Google, you can search for local mechanics and check their customers' reviews responses. Also, with over 30,000 listings of mechanics, Car Talk Mechanics Files can be a good site for you to check out. When checking reviews, ensure that you don't draw your conclusion base on just a few review comments, so you can have enough convictions from various experiences and possibly those that match your car brand or the kind repair that you want to fix. You can check out those that had earlier been recommended to you to verify what you are told about them if they have online presence or reviews. Also, an online search can help you to identify with your automobile specific brand and see other reviews that center on it.

You can also take time out to check Yelp or

Check for Certifications and Membership

Another helpful way to check for the best auto mechanic or verified those recommended is to check if they are members and certified by national bodies or popular independent bodies. These bodies' screens and trains auto mechanics to ensure that they deliver excellent services to their customers.

Automotive Service Excellence-ASE

 AutomotiveService Excellence-ASE

ASE is one of the bodies that certify auto mechanics, having subjected them to testing using different customer-related services parameters. They issue any mechanics that passes this process a certification. You can check for their websites for garages near you to see if they have this certification.

American Automobile Association (AAA)

 AmericanAutomobile Association (AAA)

AAA is also a trade body for auto mechanics to be affiliated, and there is a requirement to qualify members and ensure that they render adequate services to the customers' satisfaction.

Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Check with the         BetterBusiness Bureau (BBB)

The BBB contains information relating to businesses' customer satisfaction and relevant data, and it includes auto mechanics and repair shops. So you can check the complaints and ratings of the auto mechanics or shops around you to see how good they have been with the rendering of their services to their customers.

Check out the Workshop

You will have first-hand experience or sights of the possible information you have gathered so far about the mechanic and the working space. Some the things you should check out for as the workshop is concerned are:

1. Cleanliness

2. Space accommodation

3. Lighting

4. Staff's behavior through simple courtesy.

You can also ask the mechanic some questions, like:

1. How long have you been in operating?

2. Do you guarantee repairs?

3. Do you have Insurance cover ?

4. What type of parts do you recommend or use for fixing?

5. What are your policies on payment?

6. Do you render any specialties?

If you have finally identified the mechanic that suits your needs, then you can proceed to test with small repairs like your routine maintenance such as oil change, replacing your tires. It will help you build a relationship and afford you some insight as to whether you can go ahead with other services.


You will be on a safer side when you know some basic things about your automobile. And you don't need to go to any institute to acquire this kind of knowledge. Your car owner manual can provide you with a lot of information, especially about routine maintenance. You can also search Popular Mechanics for more information to acquaint yourself with about your vehicle, Gearhead 101 that will help you in carrying out some simple repair yourself or in interacting with your mechanics when the need for repairs shows up.

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